Sewing pants is liberating!

Sewing pants is liberating!

Not sure how You feel about it – but for me it is 100% true. There is something in your sewing journey that changes after tackling those hard to sew items like pants and jackets/blazers. And after all, it isn’t even that intimidating!

I made my first pants in the first year of my sewing – and they were wearable! I guess the surprise comes from assuming that it was such a difficult task and really not understating that if you break it down – it is a quite achievable sewing challenge.

This month I made these stretch denim pants from my own personal pattern, they are very straight forward: front pockets and elasticated waist. I love the way they turned out – comfortable, ready to be dressed up or down, good for pretty much any occasion! Versatility in clothing that I wear is very important and these pants definitely do the trick!

The top that I am wearing is made using free GBSB pattern from their book site, originally it was a tunic pattern, but I shortened it to make a top! I think that both of these pieces go well together!

I don;t have many pictures of these pants, but I filmed a whole video about my July Sewing Makes and you can see these pants and the top (and a lot more) right here –

I haven’t posted on The Monthly Stitch in a while, and I used to almost every month (sometimes twice), so I hope you enjoyed this quick little post, and I hope to see you here again!

Thank you, sewcialists,


One thought on “Sewing pants is liberating!

  1. I don’t know why everyone is so intimidated by trousers, as I call them, either. I actually find them reasonably easy to fit – in fact fit wise I’d say tops are more of a challenge for me. I love your top – it looks like such a classic, I would definitely have it in my work wardrobe! I have the GBSB book too. I sewed two things from it, an apron and the jacket. But the patterns were absolutely terrible, lots of mistakes in them. In fact, the jacket was so bad I ended up buying the New Look (I think) pattern it is based on. The top, I think is the one pattern that’s actually in the book and not a download, perhaps I should give it a go.


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