Floaty denim Flint pants

I’ve recently bought Megan Neilsen Flint pants pattern and within 1 month of buying the pattern have made 2 pairs with a 3rd pair on the cutting table. That is a sign of a well drafted pattern.

The pattern is really for shorts or culottes but as the weather here in Scotland appears to be on the turn I thought I’d follow in the footsteps of other hackers and make full length trousers.

I’m always nervous about making trousers – the fit takes a lot of tweaking for me. I have a short torso, big thighs and a flat bum. This can make for a lot of fitting issues. Therefore on my first pair I cut a size larger to give me room to tweak. I really shouldn’t have bothered. These fit me absolutely spot on. Obviously it helps that they’re floaty and the tie at the side allows for some movement in waist size.

One thing I need to work out is how to style them. I’m not used to wearing such high waisted trousers. Generally I avoid them as I worry about it enhancing my tummy area but these trousers give me a little confidence. A little spring in my step. Another bonus is it took me 2 hours to sew these up.

Sorry about my appalling footwear in the photos. I have a broken toe and plantar fasciitis so can only wear horrid trainers at the moment.

I’m also sorry I haven’t contributed more to Monthly Stitch lately. I genuinely love this blog and have really enjoyed contributing to it in the past. Life has just got in my way of writing the quality of post I’m used to on here.

Until later folks!

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  1. I actually am about to hem a nearly identical pair of Flints that I also hacked into full length trousers! The only (possibly large) difference is that I used a dark grey-blue linen instead of denim. Hope you enjoy swishing about in yours as much as I do in mine!

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