The green denim skirt is here!

Hi everyone!

It’s been AGES since I participated in one of the challenges, but this time I managed  YAY! With one day to spare I finished a denim sewing project in August!

Also, it’s part of my fall sewing plan, and in my new basic color, olive green!


It’s based on a skirt I made more than 8 years ago, in blue denim. Typically I lost that pattern somewhere , and I’ve been trying and trying to recreate it because it’s a true favorite.

The fabric is of unknown origin, I just can’t remember where I got it from. It’s a thin, quite soft cotton denim with no lycra or elasthane. I’m afraid it’s a bit too thin, as I feel it will loose it’s shape pretty soon. But you can’t have everything, it was “free” and the color is perfect for my new wardrobe.

(I’ve done a whole series of blogpost on “finding my colors” have a look here…)

Naturally, there wasn’t enough of it either! The side back panel had to be divided right under the bum. I think it worked pretty good.

The pocket bags are also made from various scraps, but apart from that It was JUUUUST enough for the whole skirt. The waist band had to be made really narrow, but that suits me anyway, so no problem.

I’m sure I will wear this skirt until it falls apart, so all in all a very happy sewer here!

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2 thoughts on “The green denim skirt is here!

  1. Your skirt is wonderful. It would definitely be in my regular rotation if I had been so lucky to have made it. Love the color, cut, length. it’s perfect!


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