Sewing, sewing, a whole lot of sewing

One month ago TMS celebrated their fifth birthday. I cam across TMS at april 2014. I had just decided to sew all my own clothes and shared my first makes in that same month. My first make was a Chanel styled jacket and for my second make I used the free Sorbetto top pattern.

img_6239 img_0533

Now almost five years later I’ve learned and discovered a few things. Learning how to sew by using tailoring techniques. How to sew knitted fabrics. But I also discovered the big sewing community.

With the discovery of the sewing community I learned more about sewing patterns. One can buy a sewing magazine like Burda or LaMaisonVictor, a big four pattern or a pattern from an Indie pattern designer. I’ve to say I use them all. I haven’t favourites. Every pattern that suits my style is perfect for me.

TMS monthly challenges is always something I’m looking forward too. This month was all about sew what you like. So for this TMS birthday entry I decided to share my September makes. This makes are a kind of a overview of what I’ve been sewing since my decision.

The Zonen09 poloshirt made for my husband. Zonen09 is a Belgian Indie design brand specialised in sewing patterns for men and boys. Their Zonen09 overhemd can be transformed into a poloshirt by using free downloadable pattern pieces accompanied by instructions. The breast pocket has some stripe playing. Stripe playing can be so much fun and is one of my favourites.

The StyleArc Blaire shirt is hacked into a T-shirt. One of the things I like to do: altering sewing patterns so the match with my wardrobe style. T-shirt are my favourite Summer wear. I decided to give this T-shirt also a breast pocket with some stripe playing.


Besides sewing for my husband and myself I also make clothes for our youngest daughter. This dress is made of a self drafted pattern and was already used for a previous make. The dress has an exposed zipper.


Like I said: I’ve learned a few things but still have a long list of things I want to learn. On my list was making movable joints for soft toys. As soon as I sew the Sew Magazine Clementine cat I knew this pattern was perfect for my ‘sewing techniques I want learn’. And finally her dress: that was the icing on the cake and a perfect end for this Birthday challenge.



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  1. What a great post. I love all your September makes. They are all so lovely. I especially love the self drafted dress for your daughter with the exposed zip! That is one thing I’ve been meaning to try. I think they look so amazing and give a garment something extra special! 🙂

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