Happy Birthday, TMS!

I was super excited about sewing something inspired by our most excellent mods. One thing I noticed was common between all the team was a vested interest in prints! So many fantastic prints, so many makes! I had to make something inspired with a funky print.


In comes some fabric I’ve had in stash for an absolute age – my bright neon glasses print on navy. I knew what I wanted to make with it too, a Seamwork Arden. So off I went! (And those of you with eagle eyes will see that this combo was going to be on my table for the miss bossy challenge, but I never actually got to sewing it…)


I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, as I know Seamwork patterns and I are pretty good friends. I decided not to make any contrast panels, as I wanted as much of this gorgeous print as possible!


I did have a bit of a hard time sewing through all the layers to attach the bow to the bodice piece, but the work (and broken needle!) were worth it in the end – it is one of my favourite details.


The sleeve length is ideal for me, as I am rather short in the arms, and I didn’t need to shorten these ones – if you’re more long-armed than I, you might want to add an inch or so for it to hit right. I am most pleased with my cuffs as well, I think I put a lot of work into them and they actually turned out okay!


I also tacked down the collar at the shoulder seams, and I may yet tack it down a few more times around the back, as mine just does not want to behave.

You can see the slight sticky-uppy nature of the collar in the next shot:


And one bonus shot of what like 80% of the photos my fiance took look like – turns out I am not a good subject!!


Happy Birthday, TMS – can’t wait to spend more years with you!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, TMS!

  1. Super-cute! I have totally had to tear myself away from that print in fabric stores on multiple occasions. I know it wasn’t intentional, but I am also feeling the homage in the pink shoes & the outtake facial expression. Literally all my shoes have pink on them (it’s my go-to color), & I am always doing goofy things with my face when I try to take blog photos. It feels so weird to smile! I don’t know!


  2. Your dress is so cute and I love that print! I just wanted to pop in and tell you that your collar problems are most certainly nothing you’ve done wrong. Seamwork patterns are not very well drafted. Unfortunately newbies don’t realize this and tend to blame themselves. So, please don’t do that … and keep sewing!


    • I did laugh – neither a newbie to sewing or Seamwork, but happy to take the compliment! I think I am something of a unicorn as Seamwork patterns and I are notoriously good friends, and I’ve never had issues with the draft or fit of any of my seamwork makes!
      I have a sneaking suspicion that the collar issue is something to do with my relationship with my serger, my stay stitching skills, and my iron. Definitely going to keep sewing – especially with such glorious IPM themes!

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