Tropical Lou-Amnesty Put A Bird On It

Hello Monthly Stitchers! Soo, I was so excited for Put A Bird On It- I do have an obsession with bird theme fabrics–so I was like- Bam! Sew DIY Lou Box Top–Done! I can actually post something on Monthly  Stitch instead of lurk:) Aaand, then 2 years goes by—what the crap?! Two years?? Just post it Stephanie! So, here’s my Lou Box top with my parrot:)


Fair Warning–I only have one pose

I loved this fabric- and had this vision of a nod to the Hawaiian shirt–I think it kiiiind of turned out that way, but more on the “it’s a Hawaiian shirt” side than the “oh, it’s a kitschy nod to the Hawaiian shirt” that I was going for. Anyways, I still like it. I did a little bit of flower matching on the bottom that I think mostly worked out.

Flower Hem!

And, oh right, the pattern! I love love love this pattern- talk about a fast feeling of accomplishment- this fabric is some drapey poly mix? that I found on Etsy, and it works so great with it- and I love the easy sew up and directions- I already have plans for like 5 more. Granted, this was 2 years ago and I still haven’t actually DONE any of them, but boy, do I have plans!! Let’s look at this adorable button I found in my button stash–


Oh good, I’m glad the chihuahua hair got in there…

Soo, one of the easiest patterns I’ve sewn- but doesn’t look like it- does that make sense? It has a few distinctions- like the button in the back, curved hem- that elevate it over just two fabric pieces–


Last look–told ‘ya- same pose:)

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