Gone with the UFO’s!

This September was full with twists and turns! Particularly, because my sewjo spontaneously decided to leave me hanging and start searching for inspiration to get back on track with my creative stuff. Good thing that the plan all along was to finish a box of UFO’s that I have recently discovered and gladly forgotten about for almost a year and a half!!! What? Yes, that’s what happens when you have a closet full of fabric and unmarked boxes. I am happy and proud to report that all UFO’s have been taken care of and let’s take a look at them! (Psst. if you rather watch then read – here’s the youtube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK7mhUziazs)

  1. Burda Style Sweatshirt with contrasting panels – I actually really REALLY love the way it turned out. It is a bit loose, but it is so soft and so snugly – ah! I can’t believe that it took me such a long time to finish it!


2. Color blocked sleeveless top from my own patterns – here I experimented with crepe backed satin, as this fabric is a bit thicker and less flowy, I wanted to see how would this pattern will react with this pattern! Turned out pretty + the patterned fabric and the black fabric is upcycled from my old tops!


3. Brushed suede knit cardigan – this is actually a new make! Yay! I really needed a cardigan for fall, well, in my plans I had 3 cardigans to make, only got to one!


4. Burda Style Raglan sleeve blouse made out of very thin boucle – this one turned out a bit interesting…. it is very loose, very, very! The shoulders come down almost as off the shoulder top, so will see how will I wear it!


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    • Danita, I hope you get to those UFO’s, it is actually a lot of fun to just finish them in one sitting. Then it seems like you have made 10 garments in ONE day! I am glad that this gave you some inspiration!

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