Hermione Kalle Dress

Hi everyone,

I’m Emma of Emma and her Machine and for my dresses entry, I give you the Closet Case Patterns Kalle Dress. I have very quickly fallen in love with the beautiful, casual style of this shirt style tunic dress. I’ve made it twice already as actual shirts and I love the shape so this time I’ve made it as a dress.

I chose a gorgeous Viscose from Sew Me Sunshine called Hermione which is super drapey. I had 2 metres and more than enough.

There’s quite a few options to chose from to customise a Kalle. From making it previously, I’ve learnt that I prefer the pop over placket option, whilst it’s a bit trickier to get right, it’s a really nice look. I chose to omit the pockets and chose a inward pleat at the yoke. I also used the short collar as I wanted a more feminine look and I wasn’t sure a full collar would suit the style.

I constructed the dress as normal. The front placket instructions are fab and I think it produces sewing magic! Other changes I have made, which are personal preference are rather than sew the bands for the arms in two parts by sewing one side and then encasing the raw edges, I folded the band in half and attached it in one, right sides together with the arm hole. I finished this with my overlocker. I feel this makes a neater finish and it’s not as fiddly.
I also omitted the hem facing and opted for overlocking the entire hem and then turning it up once. I find this is a great way to hem a curve. However, I really feel that I should try the hem facings once because I’ve never tried it before and that’s how we get better isn’t it?

I used these bronze, metal poppers to finish the look and it was done. I love the shape of it, it’s such a forgiving style and the curved hem looks so fab.

I hope you all like it too!

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  3. Beautiful dress Emma! I must admit I keep looking at the Kalle and um & ahh about it! Not got the pattern but maybe I should dive in and give this a try this year although I’ve got a loads planned with the make nine including a Kelly Anorak- 😳

    and that fabric is stunning, really hangs well! Oooh err!

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  5. Lovely job. I must get some poppers like these, I love a shirt dress and they’re such a good alternative to buttons.


  6. Nice dress and looks very wearable. The placket looks difficult. I find button holes in general a pain to be honest – partly my current machine I think which does not do them well at all. I had an older machine did a great 4-step buttonhole which worked much better than the auto ones seem to. Poppers are a great idea. Thank you for that. I am going to have to investigate this because I have not tried them. Are they difficult to put in though?

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    • Thank you. I did find the placket tricky, it takes a lot of concentration but the instructions are good. I’m OK at button holes but a bit lazy with them so I love a good popper! I think if you get a decent kit, they’re really easy to put in.

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