Sponsor Spotlight | Introducing Helen of Helen’s Closet

Another one of our new Indie Pattern Month sponsors this year is the lovely Helen of Helen’s Closet! Kyla caught up with Helen to learn a little about her brand and the inspiration behind her designs. It was nice to ask Helen a few questions since she’s usually on the other end of the interviews over on the Love To Sew Podcast!
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Welcome, Helen! Tell us a bit about your designs. How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

I design approachable patterns that people will want to make and wear multiple times! I pour all my sewing knowledge into my pattern instructions so that my patterns offer new techniques and information to new and experienced sewists alike. My pattern line will help you create wearable garments that result in a beautiful handmade wardrobe.

Blackwood Cardigan Avery Leggings

We’d love to know the story behind your business. What inspired you to create and sell patterns? How did it all start?

I fell head-over-heels for the Indie sewing scene when I first discovered it in 2015. I immediately started a blog and jumped in with two feet, sewing everything I could get my hands on! Eventually, I decided to try designing a sewing pattern, and I found that it satisfied so many things for me. My love of sewing and making, my background in graphic and web design, and my desire to run a small business! Three years later, I am full-time with my pattern design business and could not be happier.

Where do you do all your work? May we have a sneak peek at your workspace?

I work from home with my partner, Sam. We each have work areas in separate rooms in our tiny one-bedroom apartment, mine in the living room and his in the bedroom. We are constantly having to clear my sewing projects off the table to make room for dinners or board games, but we make it work and there is never a dull moment!

Thinking of your gorgeous designs, what is your favorite of all your designs so far, and why?

I have been living in my York Pinafores since I released it last spring. I am so excited about styling it for fall and winter over turtlenecks and leggings! I also have a new pattern coming out this month and the new releases always become the favourite. We will see!

York Pinafore

In addition to your pattern business, we know you co-host the (wonderful!) Love To Sew podcast as well! We are so excited to have both of you here as sponsors 🙂 Do you ever find it difficult to balance your designing with the podcast? What kind of time commitments do they each require?  

The podcast has become such a huge part of my life and I consider it to be a really important part of my role in the sewing community. I love how happy our listeners are when new episodes drop and the feedback we get makes it worth the time it takes to produce the show. I spend about a quarter of my working time each week on the podcast, sometimes more, sometimes less. Caroline and I tend to get carried away chatting about sewing and catching up with our respective businesses, so the meetings always run longer than expected. It’s a good thing we love every minute of it!

love to sew podcast

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Helen! Your designs always seem to take the sewing community by storm in the best way possible. We can’t wait to see what you release next!
Make sure to check out some of the awesome Helen’s Closet pattern creations from our members here.


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