Reversible Beach Reggie

A dresses challenge is always right up my alley, but my husband and I have a Hawaiian vacation planned for the first week of December, so I have a long list of items to sew for that getaway that includes a lot of easy to wear beachy dresses.

IMG_20181007_120621 I love a good wrap dress and the Seamwork Reggie has been on my ToSew list for a while, so it made its way onto my vacation list.  But, because I can’t ever just leave well enough alone, I decided to make it fully reversible. IMG_20181007_120501

IMG_20181007_120743 IMG_20181007_115700 I basically just made two copies of the dress, omitting all of the facings and adding the waist tie to the opposite side waist seam from where I basted the front tie on both copies, then put both dresses together, right sides together and sewed with a 5/8″ seam allowance. Except for the hem, which I sewed at 1 ¼”. 20181007_072738 Then I trimmed the seam allowance all the way around with my pinking shears then turned it through one of the arm holes.  Turn the sleeve hems under and topstitch everything all together and voila!  Easy peasy 20181007_072902

Please excuse the rushed, photos!  I took them right after finishing the dress and didn’t get to press it as well as I’d have liked before having to run out the door for a football game. I’m writing this post at the game…  Go Seahawks!


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