IPM2018 Week Two: Anything But Clothes, October 8th-14th

It has been so much fun this week seeing all of your dresses pop up on the blog! Check back in a few days when it’s time to vote for our winners, but for now… welcome to WEEK TWO of Indie Pattern Month 2018!

Anything But Clothes!

  York Pinafore Apron Expansion

How does this all work?

Each contest runs over the course of one week during October. During that week, anyone who wants to enter can by writing a post about their entry on The Monthly Stitch and selecting the contest category for that week.

Your post must follow the General and Contest Specific Rules set out below.

There are multiple prizes per contest (see below for this week’s prize pool!) so there are lots of chances to take away some fabulous indie sewing goodies. These include patterns (of course), vouchers (for more patterns), fabric (to sew your patterns) and more!

General Rules:
  • Any indie pattern brand is eligible – Need an idea of what counts? Check out our own amazing resource page of Indie Pattern Designers. Do you want to use a pattern brand that isn’t listed but you think counts? Use the contact form at the bottom of that page and we’ll check it out.
  • Patterns may be PDF or envelope patterns and must be available for purchase and/or download by the general public. Free and out-of-print patterns by an indie designer are eligible.
  • Indie designer patterns available through the large “Big 4” brands are not eligible, for example, Simplicity.
  • Magazine or book patterns are not permitted unless the specific pattern is also available for purchase as a separate pattern in its entirety (i.e. pattern + instructions).
  • Unreleased patterns sewn for pattern testing are not eligible.
  • You can enter each challenge as many times as you like as long as each entry follows these rules.
  • Items must be sewn specifically for Indie Pattern Month 2018. No earlier makes may be submitted. Items must not have been blogged about, either on TMS or on another blog, prior to the week the contest they are being entered into is running.
  • Each make can be entered into only one category.
    • Exception: A previously entered item from week 1 or week 3 IPM 2018 may be re-entered into the week 4 contest. A second garment must be made to complete the entry. This additional item must be made specifically for IPM 2018 (no earlier makes to be submitted).
  • Each entry post must go up on the TMS blog during the week for that category and must be correctly categorized and follow ALL the posting rules. You might find it useful to read Kat’s post about Creating a Great Monthly Stitch Post and How to insert images using URL codes (just a reminder – we ask that you only upload one image for your post as the feature image and all other images in your post should be inserted using the image URL code from a photo sharing site such as Photobucket, Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, etc.)
  • Posts that do not meet these rules will not be eligible. Your post will be placed in the ‘drafts’ folder and you will receive an email. You may edit and repost within the competition time frames to re-enter the competition.
  • The judges (your TMS Editors) will choose finalists for each contest. The finalists will be chosen based on the following:
    • Garment quality
    • Creativity
    • Blog post quality
    • Photography
  • The finalists for each category will be posted on The Monthly Stitch four days after each contest closes.
  • Winners will be chosen from the finalists through community vote. Voting will begin for each category when the finalists are announced. Each person can vote for up to four entries with their vote. Voting is open for three days.
  • Submit any questions regarding the rules in the comments of this post or to themonthlystitch[at]gmail.com
Anything But Clothes Contest Specific Rules:
  • Competition runs from October 8th (00:00 UTC) until October 14th (24:00 UTC)
  • Must be anything BUT a garment pattern. For the purpose of this contest, “clothes” include tops, bottoms, undergarments, outerwear, and anything else that you would wear on your body (note: that does not include “wearing” a purse, etc. – accessories that you wear in addition to your clothes, such as shoes and hats are still fair game) 🙂
Make your Own Espadrille Shoes_The Espadrilles Kit

Prize 1 – £25 fabric bundle from Minerva Crafts

Prize 2 – £25 gift voucher from Sewalicious

Prize 3 – 1 x Espadrilles Kit from A Happy Stitch

Prize 4 – 1 x pdf pattern of winner’s choice from Tuesday Stitches + 1 x pdf pattern of winner’s choice from Helen’s Closet

Prize 5 – Fennel Fanny Pack & Clematis Tote patterns from Sarah Kirsten

Prize 6 – $50 CAD gift certificate from Blackbird Fabrics

Prize 7 – 1 x online class of winner’s choice from Sew Over It

Prize 8 – 3 x pdf patterns of winner’s choice from Teach Me Fashion

Prize 9 – $20 store voucher to Designer Stitch

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

 Portside Travel Set 

Anything But Clothes Sponsors:

 Blackbird Fabrics  Designer Stitch - MODERN PDF SEWING PATTERNS FOR GORGEOUS WOMEN        Sewing Patterns for Every Day Dress Up

Discount Codes: 
For all of this month’s discount codes and all up-to-date info on Indie Pattern Month, make sure to check out our dedicated IPM2018 page here.





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