Sponsor Spotlight | Sew Over It and the Work to Weekend Collection

Today we’re really excited to welcome Sew Over It – one of our fabulous sponsors for Indie Pattern Month 2018! Sew Over It are based in London, where they design vintage-inspired patterns, have store, and run sewing classes. We caught up with Alex, one of the Sew Over It team, to find out more about their new eBook.

Hi Alex! Welcome to Indie Pattern Month 2018! First, can you tell us a bit about the Sew Over It brand and what you offer, for anyone who hasn’t discovered it yet?

Thank you! Sew Over It is a one-stop sewing shop based in London, UK. We create our own range of paper and PDF patterns and a growing number of online classes, as well as offering everything else you need to make your dressmaking dreams a reality. We have a wide selection of beautiful fabrics, in addition to our own range of dressmaking kits and haberdashery.

In our London shop we run sewing classes in the evenings and weekends, teaching everyone from complete beginners embarking on their first cushion, to more advanced stitchers who are ready to tackle a tailored coat.

We love chatting with our customers on Instagram and our private Facebook group, Sew Over It Makers. You’ll also find us on YouTube where you can keep up to date with Sew Over It’s owner, Lisa Comfort – and sometimes spot us too!

We’d love to hear more about the new Work to Weekend capsule wardrobe eBook. Tell us more!

Our Work To Weekend collection contains five patterns designed to take you right the way through the week, from the office to an evening out to whatever you’re up to at the weekend. With a simple jersey top, two chic dresses, a show-stopper jumpsuit and beautiful classic mac, you have everything you need to stay stylish all week long. All the patterns work seamlessly together for that true capsule wardrobe feel, and with all the variations each pattern comes with, you can make up to twelve different garments.

This is the second eBook Sew Over It has released. What was the inspiration behind creating these collections?

Although we’re probably best known for our vintage-style patterns, what we tend to wear everyday are clean, classic, modern designs that you can interchange and wear in different combinations together. And we knew we weren’t the only ones. A few years ago when we released our first eBook, City Break, the sewing community was starting to evolve a little. People were moving away from quilting cotton dresses and big gathered skirts, and instead focussing more on the more modern, everyday items that get worn again and again. This is definitely something Lisa had in mind when designing the patterns for both of our My Capsule Wardrobe eBooks.

If you had to choose, which would you say is your favourite design from the new collection, and why?

I’m a separates girl and I love slightly cropped blouses that I can wear with my favourite high-waisted jeans. So for me it has to be the Dana Top. I have one in beautiful Atelier Brunette rayon and it’s quickly become my wardrobe favourite. I love the way the buttons are hidden by the concealed placket, and I think the sleeve length is really flattering and contemporary.

What experience level are these patterns are geared toward?

The Work to Weekend patterns vary in difficulty but I’d say most of them are geared towards intermediate stitchers and beyond. The Edie Top is a great option for beginners however, as is the skirt variation of the Kate Dress. If you’re willing to take it slow and pick up some new skills, there’s something for everyone.

How about your own wardrobe – have you made any of the designs from the new eBook for yourself yet? Care to share any photos of you or the other Sew Over It team members in your makes?

We were so busy concentrating on getting the patterns out there that we didn’t have chance to sew any of them up for ourselves! Thankfully our lovely sample sewer, LJ, came to our rescue and helped a few other members of our team and me sew up our favourite patterns. We filmed a video about them for our YouTube channel for anyone who’d like a peek.

Thank you so much for chatting with us Alex. This book offers so many variations, it definitely covers work to weekend. It’s on my wishlist now!

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