Discarded Clothes for Anything but Clothes

I participated in a few TMS Indie Pattern Month editions and this is the first time they are having a Anything but Clothes challenge.
I like making usable things out of discarded clothes. Jeans is a great material for this kind of sewing. Patty Doo created this beautiful Geo Bag and lucky for me Patty Doo was on the big list of Indie pattern designers.

This Patty Doo Geo-Bag is such a genius pattern. You fold an odd shaped piece of fabric, stitch a seam, fold again and like matching it begins to look like a bag. This pattern comes in two sizes. A big size to make a toiletry bag and a smaller version for a cosmetics bag.
This Patty Doo Geo-Bag pattern is a great pattern. I can’t imagine it’s free. The pattern  also comes with a very good German spoken video but also a well written German sewing instructions with good illustrations.

Patty Doo Geo-Bag jeans version

I made my Patty Doo Geo-bag version of a discarded jeans and dress shirt.

Working with discarded clothes is a little bit different then using a piece of fabric. You have to deal with what is available and sometimes you need to find a creative solution to make to most of what you have. I found this patchwork model of the Geo-bag so a perfect way to cut all pattern pieces out of the jeans legs.

The bottom of the bag has also a seam due to width of a leg. Discarded jeans always have beautiful patina due to wear and aging. Those patina pattern can be used to create all kinds effects. I also wanted to run the fabric in the same direction on the finished bag. So I drafted the desired grain line on the individual pattern pieces.

Stitching the Patty Doo Geo-Bag

Just like all my previous jeans refashions this one is also top stitched. This wasn’t an easy job due to the way the Geo-Bag is constructed.

The corners have a clever construction but are sewn in two steps. Luckily my trusted friend, the seam ripper, is always there to help me when I’ve made a mistake. The zipper comes from a discarded hoodie. I also replaced the label of the original jeans. You can see it in one of the corners.

Who will be the lucky Patty Doo Geo-Bag owner

Before this bag was finished my husband asked me for what purpose I was going to use this bag. I didn’t had the time to give an answer because he already asked me if he could have it.

This bag would be a perfect solution for his charging cables. My pre-holiday sewing ended in a charger cable storage bag.

Anything but Clothes Challenge

There is also a Slow Fashion Month in Oktober going on. So I liked the idea of using discarded clothes to make anything but clothes. Giving well beloved and with great pleasure worn clothes a second live. All three clothes were carefully mend carefully to give this items a longer live but there comes a time that mending doesn’t help anymore.

This bag will be used for many years and my husband has now a much better looking and cleaner desk.

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  3. Thank you for your post! I was intrigued enough to watch the video tutorial. Although my high school German helped only minimally, it didn’t matter, because every step in the sewing process was so clearly described in the video!

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