Sponsor Spotlight | Introducing Tuesday Stitches and the Citrus Leggings

Today we’re happy to welcome back Erin from Tuesday Stitches, a returning sponsor to Indie Pattern Month! Erin designs for all bodies types, with multiple options in each pattern to reduce the number of alterations required, making her patterns super accessible and easy to sew without a lot of fuss. Her latest release is no exception! Kyla caught up with Erin to learn more about the Citrus leggings that were just released this week.
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Sewing Patterns for Every Day Dress Up

Hi Erin! Welcome back to Indie Pattern Month! First, can you tell us a bit about your style and range of patterns, for people who may not have seen your brand before?

Hi! Thanks for having me back! I design sewing patterns for Every Day Dress Up as Tuesday Stitches. My personal philosophy is that every day is another chance to play dress up. Whether that means leggings and a t-shirt or a silver lamé party dress, we believe everyone should be able to decide what “dress up” means for themselves and that they should feel confident and beautiful every day in their own skin doing so. We publish in a broad range of sizes (0-26) with multiple cup sizes (A-F) and multiple lengths (short, average, and tall) to help the largest number of people need the smallest number of alterations to their patterns that we can.

The core beliefs behind our pattern company are inclusivity, representation, self-love, and self-expression. You can read more about those beliefs here.

Our patterns represent a little bit of everything right now including two swimsuits (Laminaria and Nautilus), two bags (Presidio and Achatina), two tops (Ultraviolet Tee and Tropo Camisole), a skirt (Conifer) and leggings (Citrus). We also have maternity versions of several of our patterns available exclusively at MaternitySewing.com. We’ve got a couple different underwear patterns headed to testers shortly so you’ll really be able to build your Tuesday Stitches wardrobe from the bottom up!


Since we last saw you around here, you changed your label from Seamstress Erin to Tuesday Stitches. What is the story behind the change?

My nickname has been SeamstressErin since college and I used it for blogging for years before starting to publish patterns. When I started publishing patterns I used the name SeamstressErin Designs because it was the easiest thing to do. I reached the point in running my business where I decided to step back and ask “Why am I doing this?” The answer is that I do think I can change the world, one sewing pattern at at time. I can inspire and encourage inclusivity, representation, self-love, and self-expression through sewing. In order to do that, I changed my business name away from something that’s about “me” to something that’s about everyone. Tuesday is the most everyday of days since it’s not particularly known for anything so Tuesday Stitches empower you to dress your own, beautifully unique body in a way that represents who you are in the moment you’re getting dressed. You can read more about the name change here.

We’d love to hear more about your latest release – the Citrus Leggings! What can you tell us about the design?

The Citrus Leggings are a high-waisted, fitted leggings pattern meant for everyday wear under tunics or dresses (but we won’t tell if you wear them as pants). They can also be sewn out of exercise material for a workout pant with personality. Citrus Leggings are available with a plain side panel (View C) or a side panel with unique gathers that can be placed along either the side seam with a smooth Front/Back (View A) or along the Front/Back with a smooth side seam (View B). The pattern includes 3 separate inseams (26” (66 cm), 29” ( 74 cm) or 32” (81 cm)) for an ankle length pant on short, average, or tall women and comes in our standard size range of 0-26 (hip 35″-55″).

They can be sewn in any stretch fabric with at least 40% stretch so they work in a ton of different fabrics. I made samples in jersey, scuba, sport lycra, and stretch velvet and they all work well!

Citrus Leggings by Tuesday Stitches

What inspired you to create these leggings?

The idea for the Citrus Leggings came through a brainstorming session with Lisa Kievits, my partner in Maternity Sewing. We were brainstorming a capsule collection of maternity patterns and thought it would be neat to include basics with a twist. (No, this isn’t a maternity pattern, but that’s where the idea started. I wanted to perfect it on my standard block first. It’ll be released separately as a maternity pattern on MaternitySewing.com later). We looked to Pattern Magic books for inspiration and hit on the idea of using the apple peel shape from Pattern Magic: Stretch as a starting point, though I made a bunch of changes that I detail in the introductory post.

Where does the name come from?

Inspired by the “apple peel” shape and name, I thought of the shape of our pattern pieces resembling a citrus as you peel off the rind.

How about your own wardrobe — how many pairs do you have?

Let’s see… I have a couple in jersey blends in early pattern drafts and in the final draft I made myself a View A in gold stretch velvet, View B in a jegging stretch twill fabric, and View C in a floral print scuba.


Which is your favorite to wear?

Gold stretch velvet! I’m in love with the fact that stretch velvet is back in style now because I can wear it to meld my current glam rock style with my grunge rock childhood!

We’d love to see how you style your Citrus Leggings! Will you share some photos of how you wear them?

I don’t have a lot of photos of my own styling yet, but expect to see more on the blog as I work my way through sewalong blog posts!

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Erin! We can’t help but love the philosophy behind your company, and I, for one, absolutely love the multiple lengths available on these leggings! Excited to see the underwear patterns you have coming next!
Want to learn more about Erin and Tuesday Stitches patterns? Check out her interview from last year here. One lucky winner this week will be going home with a pattern of their choice from Erin’s pattern line.