Anything but clothes – a project bag

I’m not sure if my pattern choice counts, it is from a non-big 4 designer but although I asked I’ve not heard back, though that could well be due to my email provider since I’ve had some problems with them allowing some emails through of late.

Anyway, the pattern is a variation on the In Color Order drawstring bag which I’ve made before.  I love the end result, though I do change up the size since this is for a knitting project bag and I know it’s not quite big enough.

My fabric is from deep quilting stash, I love Cicely Mary Barker’s fairy artwork so I pounced on this when I saw it but have never quite decided how to use it.  This is the perfect project for it though.  The pixelated roses on the top were from a bulk lot of offcuts I got years back and the lining is good old calico to give it some body.


Excuse the slippers and hideous ironing board; I need to make a replacement for that but there’s no pattern for that and I’ve been putting it off; the current one still works just fine and isn’t worn, just water stained.



That’s a ball of my handspun in the bottom, hard to tell with the lighting but it’s shades of browny red and grey.

If you want to read more my blog is available too, it’s a mix of handcrafts, health and family stuff.  I’m looking forward to using this bag, just have to finish my current knitting project first!