Meet Oscar

This is my entry to ‘Anything but clothes’…..I’m hoping he counts. This is Oscar the bear made using Christie Bears D’Arcy pattern renamed as each bear comes out so individual even though they are from the same pattern.

I used mohair fur from Christie Bears and cotter pins to make his little head, arms and legs move.

I started by drawing around the pattern pieces and then cut the fabric out carefully so not to cut the fur just the backing material.

The downside to this type of sewing for me is the hand sewing! I made as much of this teddy as possible on the machine but some pieces like his feet were just too fiddly. Plus all the final seams needed hand sewing which was very fiddly with all the fur!

To make his joints move i used cotter pins which is also a little fiddly. You need to be able to reach inside his tummy and use pointed pliers twist the pins against the washers.

Final stage is adding his facial features, sewing on his little nose, adding glass eyes and trimming hair back on his muzzle.

So here he is, Oscar bear:

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  2. Wow this is so amazing. I’d be so nervous of crushing the mohair! His little face is fantastic. Really the most impressive ‘anything but clothes’ entry!

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