The Matching Toilet Bag

Hey, it’s me again! (That link will take you to suitable Youtube clip)

I really took the opportunity to sew those anything but clothes things I need/want for this prompt. So here’s my second creation that’s not clothes.

You know that fancy luggage you can buy with a matching toilet bag? I finally have a set like that now! A few years back I made the duffel bag of Grainline’s Portside travel set and while I had the intention to do the toilet bag as well it just got pushed back and back and now 2.5 years later, here it is!



I rarely buy pdf-patterns, but in this case I made an exception. It’s not a pattern that requires fitting alterations, so therefore I was off the tracing hook (otherwise #teamtrace for life!). As I recall, the pdf pattern came together quite easily. One thing I wish the pattern instructions had included was specification of which notions went with which part. There are three items in total (duffel bag, toilet bag and a travel pouch) and the notions list is for all three items. It would have been handy to split the list so you’d know what to get if you’re making one item only.

The outer fabrics are denim and a home décor fabric, from Stoff&Stil and Ohlsson Tyger respectively. The lining is a quilting cotton, which with I’m in love, also from Ohlssons Tyger. The downside is that it is all fabric, so I have to make sure that all items I put in here are dry. If I was really fancy I would have lined it with waxed cotton, but I wanted those glasses. I’m thinking this bag will mostly get used for hair things (hair pins, brush, comb…) and makeup, so fairly dry products. Still, I’ll be careful.


I just needed to show my slipstitched lining

The pieces didn’t really line up, but I cannot blame it on the pattern. Or rather, I don’t know if it was a pattern error or handling error. Could very well be the latter. Also, I couldn’t find the exact length of a zipper that was needed (the size was lost in the imperial to metric conversion) so it’s quite possible I got lost as well navigating all those inches and centimeters.


It holds the stuff I need for going away

As I am not one to travel with a lot of so-called beauty products (I don’t wear a lot, plus, in some cases, I want to fly with carry-on only (in which case my wet stuff gets put in a plastic bag from the start so it’ll be easy to take it out in security)) this toilet bag is a perfect size for me. Hairbrush, deodorant, comb, facewash, toothbrush and toothpaste, it all fits in here. There’s also a small pocket along the front to put those extra small things that need some solitary space.


Small pocket in the front

Just like with the purse I posted on Friday, where I was all dressed up and had nowhere to go, here I sit with my matching luggage and have no trips planned. But I know they are there, they’re just not planned for the time being.


Matching luggage!


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