Noodlehead Poolside Totes

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I was oscillating on whether to post and if I should give homemade gifts. Sewrendiptity recently had a thought provoking post on the homemade gift dilemma. The prompts usually aren’t in line with my plans (I should really take advantage of amnesty day, huh?), and I never know if people appreciate the time that I put in.  Since the accessories prompt was in line with what I was thinking of making, I got the extra push that I needed to make some Noodlehead poolside totes.


It’s a pretty straight forward pattern that has minimal hardware and specialty items needed to complete it.  I like that it has a unique shape, an exterior pocket (with a zippered option), and includes the detail of having a place for your keys to hang (I’d loose my head if it weren’t attached, so I love this and will be using it as much as possible for other bags).


For both versions, I shopped my stash.  The main outer fabrics were home dec fabrics.  Those and the synthetic webbing that was used for strapping were purchased from Joann’s a shameful length of time ago.  The outer pockets were made from canvas and lined with an adorable hedgehog quilting cotton. The facing  is made from a medium weight chambray.  I interfaced the lining with some heavyweight interfacing.  I did have to purchase the key clip.  This is also one of the first projects that I was able/remembered to use my labels.   I just tried to pick the most neutral and durable fabrics that I had in my stash with just a hint of fun.


The pattern was great to use.  The directions are very straightforward and include helpful diagrams.  I did choose to use one piece of webbing for each side, instead of three interfaced fabric pieces that the pattern calls for.  I also added interior pockets made from the scraps of main part of the bag, which the pattern doesn’t call for.


Overall, I really like the bags and will definitely be making a few more totes.  The poolside tote does hold several towels as advertised.  It’s definitely not ideal for everyday use due to the lack of pockets/structure, but the bag is great for carrying a few large items.  I hope they are well loved in their homes.


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  1. These look great! And interesting post about the gift giving… I sew gifts (only for certain people) but it’s only when the timing works out well and it’s something I will enjoy making. But interesting to think about, nonetheless… 🙂

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