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Today we welcome a new sponsor to Indie Pattern Month, Maternity Sewing. They’re also a relatively new company on the block. They are now a major source for maternity, nursing and postpartum patterns on the internet. If you’re on the lookout for these patterns, certainly have a look at their site. In the meantime, why don’t you find out a wee bit about them? We caught up with Lisa who told us more about the company.
First up, tell us a bit about your shop (would you call it a shop?). 🙂 How and when did it start, where are you based, and what kinds of patterns and resources do you offer?

Shop, marketplace, catalogue, I think you could call it all these things. It started as a possible maternity collection collaboration between Erin of Tuesday Stitches and me (of Paprika Patterns), and then over a years time grew into a pattern marketplace that provides so much more than just our patterns. We wanted to become the go-to place for pregnant and nursing mothers, and also focus on the postpartum phase. Besides patterns we also offer tutorials and posts on body positivity, since many women struggle with their changing shape, and their changed shape after having given birth. We offer patterns from a large variety of designers. We catalogue them by stage, so 1st, 2nd and 4th trimester is a category, 2nd & 3rd trimester another, and then we have nursing. The first category contains patterns not designed for maternity, but with A-shapes or other designs that have a lot of ease through the waist. These are super versatile because they also suit women who just don’t want to emphasize their waist. The second category is patterns designed specifically for maternity, and nursing speaks for itself. Erin lives on an island off the coast of Seattle, I live in France, so we’re on different continents. It has its drawbacks (such as the 9 hour time difference) but it has not prevented us from starting a business together!

What are a few of your favourite patterns that Maternity Sewing offers right now?

Oh that’s a hard one, as we have over 80 patterns already! My favourite thing is that we have so many different styles, and the collection shows that your options are numerous. We started the shop because the most heard complaint was that either people thought there were no fun maternity patterns, or that they couldn’t find them. Our shop proves the opposite.

Along with the website, you ladies launched an exclusive Maternity Sewing pattern line! We’d love to hear more about those designs!

The Maternity Exclusive collection is expanding still – so far we have three patterns from Erin (Tuesday Stitches). We have a maternity & nursing camisole, a maternity & nursing T-shirt and a maternity swimsuit. I’m adding maternity trousers and a sweater to the collection soon.

We love that you decided to give back as a core portion of your business model from the start. Will you tell us a little about that decision and the charity that 5% of Maternity Sewing’s proceeds go to?

Yes, we love this too. We just feel passionate about maternal care and wanted to contribute not just to the sewing community, but to mothers (to-be) in general. We were lucky to have received excellent maternal and postpartum care, but that is not the case for many mothers. We’ve always felt that is there is a way you can contribute, you should seek out a way to do that. So that’s why we’re doing that with Maternity Sewing. Every Mother Counts gives grants to community-led programs that improve maternal care in all parts of the world.

Looking ahead, where would you like to see Maternity Sewing in five years time?

We hope to have become a common name – that pregnant sewists all know where to find us. We hope to have built an engaging community where we offer not just patterns but support through these body changes and how sewing can help coming to terms with them.

Any hints on what is coming next from the exclusive pattern line?

Sure! Erin is working on leggings with very cool details, and I’m working on maternity trousers and a sweater.

Thank you so much Lisa for sharing Maternity Sewing with us. We think you’ve definitely got something good happening there, it’s so good to finally see a company with patterns for maternity wear. The support to Every Mother Counts is awesome. We can’t wait to see those new exclusive patterns up on the site.
One lucky member of the Collective will also win one of their patterns for their contribution to the Round the World Challenge in week 3.

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