Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater

When it comes to choosing patterns I like to travel around the world. It was hard to decide what to make for this challenge. Not only the type of garment but also from which Indie pattern designer. Being Dutch I first looked for a Dutch Indie designer but there aren’t many around who design for adults.

My previous make for this years Indie Pattern Month edition came from Germany. This make brought me to Sweden. The Assembly Line is a newcomer. Their designs have that unmistakable contemporary famous stylish Scandinavian and minimalistic look.

This Elastic Tie Sweater is a very good example of this type clothes. A more or less basic sweater with an interesting cowl construction. The Elastic Tie Sweater is the perfect basic sweater for me.

I’ve made two alterations:

  • The original sweater has a center back seam that I skipped
  • The original pattern is designed for body length 1.70 meter. My version is 5 centimeters longer.

I made my version from a light weighted Punta di Roma that was still in my stash. This pattern is marked as easy. The only part that takes some patience and skill is when the neckline is attached to the back. But if you follow the instructions carefully, take some time and have some patience the result will be perfect. The holes for the elastic cord are sewn with my sewing machine.

This Elastic Tie Sweater is a pleasure to wear. The black-red Punta di Roma fabric looks great on all my black jeans and my black-white trousers. My version is made in XS because I prefer a more fitted sweater. This sweater fits perfectly in my style and colour scheme.

The price of the pattern (€ 18,75) is probably a little bit steep but for me personal worth every penny. One must consider it’s a single size only printed version on high quality paper. The pattern comes with well written English instructions and good made illustrations.


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  2. I really like that neckline detail – takes this up a notch from the usual top. But I can’t spend $20 for a sewing pattern. Maybe they’ll have a good sale someday?

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