Around the World for Halloween

I didn’t think I’d be able to participate in IPM this year, but I’m managing to get this one in under the wire!

It’s been a long hiatus from sewing for me.  I’ve moved and changed jobs a couple of times, and in May I’ll be moving again, this time to live out of a suitcase as I try to finish my fieldwork for my PhD.  So most hobbies have had to go on the back burner, indefinitely.

BUT:  I dearly love Halloween, and thought I might be able to squeeze in enough time for a costume.  Enter Dolores Abernathy from Westworld.


The pieces aren’t all finished, but I’m working on that Deathbringer coldness.

I had thought that the Historical Fantail Skirt from Scroop Patterns would be a good fit for Dolores.  It was only later that I realized that Leimomi Oakes and Scroop Patterns are based in New Zealand, and since I’m in the US, this works for this challenge!

I used a lightweight cotton swiss dot fabric from – I’m so pleased with how well it actually matches the show!  It is somewhat sheer, though, so I’ll be adding a basic petticoat underneath.


The lighting is fairly dim in my apartment, but you can still see the corset and the bottom of the undershirt through the skirt material.


Apologies for the grainy pictures – it’s late here and I don’t have anyone to take photos for me.  But here’s a few shots of the major feature of this pattern, the back pleats:


And a few while I’m wearing it:


Still have to do something about the top that doesn’t fit very well.


Side view.

I did find the instructions for the pleats and placket to be a little tricky to understand.  I did one side wrong and couldn’t really tell until I’d put all the pieces together, but I was able to fix it without much trouble.  I think, in hindsight, it would have been easier if I had just looked at pictures of finished skirts to figure it out.

I really love the information and detail put into this pattern – I really appreciate the history lesson you get along with the pattern.  That goes double for the comments Leimomi and others offered when I posted in the TMS Facebook asking for recommendations on how to shorten it!  I ended up shortening at the hem, which would be more of a 1900s look.  That’s perfectly fine, though, because it looks like the character, and also, the Westworld theme park is all over the place in terms of period clothing, weapons, etc.  So, it didn’t need to be a perfectly-1860s style, or anything like that.


You can see here that it’s floor length, grazing the tops of my feet.  I had to lose about 6 inches from the skirt (I’m 5′ 1″).  Side note:  the blouse is an Old Navy tank top that I found on clearance for $0.97, then hacked with a bunch of lace and ribbon.  I can’t be too mad at the fit given those circumstances.

I’m supposed to debut this whole outfit tomorrow, so wish me luck in finishing everything!  I’ll share some pictures of the completely finished product in the Facebook group.

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween xx


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