London Calling – It’s Anna

Heya Stitchers!

I 100% did not expect to get an entry into IPM this year because I’m right in the middle of final assignment submissions, exams and I also work part time so I am writing reports as well.

However, I picked up the By Hand London – Anna Dress from a blogging pal Rachelle who wasn’t loving the pattern. As she had purchased the paper copy I felt okay to ask her if I could buy it off her. (She kindly agreed). I’ve been wanting to try this pattern for a long time and whenever I have things I have to do I want to procrastisew (it’s a thing!).

IMG_6053As you may guess By Hand London is based in London (UK) and as I’m based in Aotearoa/NZ there isn’t too much further round the world we could be from each other. 🙂

I bought this fabric recently because it made me all sorts of happy but I only had 2m so the back bodice is a different direction to the rest of the dress!


Having read some reviews I decided to add the facing last and inserted the zipper before completing the side seams as well. As you can see I added a gathered skirt rather than the panelled one that is on the pattern. If I make a maxi version of the dress I’d go for the panel and the split… I guess there’s always next week right?!


The pattern was a charm to put together. I would probably make a smaller size next time but I love this fabric so much and I didn’t want to risk it being too tight. I think next time I’d also bias bind the neckline rather than do the facings (I feel like dresses with facings spend most of their lives poking out, even though I did under-stitch).

I overlocked all the edges and I’m really happy with the result.


It’s been such fun getting to join in with IPM and I’ve been enjoying the flurry of emails into my inbox each day with all your fabulous creations. Thanks to the team of moderators as well for all their work to put together such a fun month.

Yours in sewing (and productive study breaks!),

Miriam x


16 thoughts on “London Calling – It’s Anna

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  2. This is lovely on you and you totally can’t tell that the back bodice is in a different direction. I love your fabric choice too.


  3. Love your fabric and pattern choice! And the dress is so cute– Also-so glad you mentioned about the bias binding instead of the facing- I totally agree about the poking out:)- if I make one again, I think I’ll go with that–I think I’d wear it more!

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  4. I love the fabric you picked – I nearly went with a gathered skirt for mine. If (when?) I make it again I will do one!! I sewed a line of stitching on top of the shoulder seam to keep the facing down there but yes, it still wants to roll out in places ;o)

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  5. This looks amazing! I am eternally jealous of your fabric, it is fantastic!
    Last time I made the Anna I ended up doing a fully lined bodice using the same pattern pieces as the outer – facings and I are not good friends unfortunately.

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    • Yes facings… what is with them?! It’s fabric from spotlight so there might still be some there if you are won over… I really don’t need anymore fabric but this fabric was just calling my name so loudly it would have been rude to leave it in the shop! 😉


  6. The dress looks great, you did a wonderful job! 🙂 I love the fabric you chose and completely understand why you’re so in love with it – it’s beautiful and perfect for this dress!

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