Sponsor Spotlight | Waffle Patterns and the Pine Blouse

Today we would like to welcome back Yuki from Waffle Patterns for Indie Pattern Month! Yuki has sponsored the last couple of years and this time she is here to share one of her latest functional-yet-unique designs, the Pine Blouse – which has a few different options to make it accessible to different styles and difficulty levels!

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Hi Yuki! Welcome back to Indie Pattern Month! First, can you tell us a bit about your style and range of patterns, for people who may not have seen your brand before?

Hello The Monthly Stitch readers! I’m very happy to join here again!

I’m Yuki from Waffle Patterns. (English is not my mother tongue so excuse me for my bad English in advance!)

I want people enjoy to sew and wear handmade wardrobe everyday, not only for special occasions. So, the design of Waffle Patterns are basically everyday clothes. I also love to add functional details on them.

We’d love to hear more about your latest pattern – the Pine Yoke Blouse. Tell us more!

This is everyone’s staple versatile blouse with simple and minimal design. And it’s suitable for all seasons and many kind of fabrics.

It has front/back yokes and back opening for simpler style. The collar and sleeve have design options, so you can choose as your preference.


What inspired you to create the Pine Blouse?

I like trendy oversized blouses. But I just needed basic items like this Pine for my daily wardrobe also for wearing under jackets.  So I designed the Pine as a regular fitted blouse.

How do you determine the names of your patterns? Where does this one come from?

All the pattern names come from my favourite sweets or treats. As for the Pine, I imagine pine nuts used for Japanese tasty sweets.

It’s such a lovely style, and has some great details and options, such as the buttons in the back and the multiple collar designs … How hard is it to make?

The sewing level is Beginner ~ Intermediate. If you hesitate to try tricky details like cuff opening or stand collar, there are easier options like short sleeve or round neck with a facing.

sewing patterns waffle patterns / pine yoke blouse

Meet new sewing pattern  Yoke blouse
perfect for your summer wardrobeI’m excited to introduce a new item from Waffle Patterns! Meet my new sewing pattern, Yoke Blose .
This is everyone’s staple versatile blouse with simple and minimal design. And...

How about your own wardrobe – how many Pine Blouses do you have?

I have all 4 pine blouses.

Which is your favorite to wear?

I love all of them but wear often this red plaid one.

sewing patterns waffle patterns / pine yoke blouse

We’d love to see how you style your own Pine Blouse! Can you share some photos of how you wear it?

I love to wear with pants. I also like that I can wear this under any jackets.

Again I’m so happy to see The Monthly Stitch readers here! I hope everyone enjoy the Indie Pattern Month!


Thank you so much for chatting with us, Yuki! Love the blouse! Also very excited about your newly released guide for how to sew 23 different types of pockets! It looks like such a fantastic resource for any sewist to have on hand!
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