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We have another returning sponsor for you today – Allie of Indiesew! I’d be surprised to hear many people say they haven’t heard of Indiesew; Allie has been a huge part of the online sewing community since the business started in 2014. We caught up with Allie to learn a little more about the business and her namesake pattern line, Allie Olson.

Indiesew Logo - Standard on White Background | Indiesew.com

First up, for those who may not be familiar with your brand – tell us a bit about the Indiesew website. How and when did it start, where are you based, and what kinds of products do you sell?

Indiesew is a marketplace for the home sewist. We sell exclusively indie sewing patterns and apparel fabrics to people who sew their own clothes! We also provide sewing tutorials and other sewing resources on the Indiesew blog.

My business school classmate, Steve, and I started the business in 2014 here in Boulder, CO.

Indiesew is so unique in that you don’t sell any patterns that you haven’t already sewn yourself. What made you decide to go this route and how do you go about selecting patterns for the site?

We wanted the shopping experience to be really clean and unified. Since all of the samples are tested and sewn by us and photographed on a dress form, our customers know what to expect of the final garment. That consistency is really important for us.

We select designs for Indiesew that fit with our customer aesthetic. Our market is mostly young women who value basic designs that are drafted really well. The branding, drafting, and instructions have to be high quality, too. We want our customers to trust that the products we sell are vetted and well-tested.

Along with that, how do you go about selecting the beautiful fabrics for your shop? What is your favorite fabric in stock at the moment?

I travel to LA several times a year and pick through the overstock warehouses in the fashion district. I usually reach for the fabrics that appeal most to me. I really like creating little capsule fabric batches that can create a seasonal wardrobe.

My current favorite fabric to stock is double cloth. It’s just so versatile to sew with, it washes up super soft, and is really light and breezy to wear. It’s a great year-round apparel fabric.

Where do you do all of your work for Indiesew? May we have a sneak peek behind the scenes at your workspace?

Indiesew has an office space near downtown Boulder where everything happens!

In addition to the website, you have also released four patterns under your personal label, Allie Olson. What inspired you to start designing patterns, and how would you describe your style/aesthetic of your label?

There were certain designs that I really wanted to sew that weren’t offered as a pattern. So, I decided to go ahead and design them myself. The process has been a total blast.

My style is casual 70’s basics. I love high-waisted pants and button-up shirts. I’m also drawn towards minimalism as opposed to loud prints and complicated designs.

Allie Olson Sewing Patterns

You recently released your latest design, the Kila Tank. We’d love to hear more about this pattern!

Yes! This has been my favorite release to-date. Kila is fitted rib knit tank top with a slight racerback cut and a deep scoop neckline. It’s a great layering basic, I wear one several times a week!

Kila Tank Sewing Pattern by Allie Olson | Indiesew

Looking ahead, where would you like your business to be in five year’s time?

I’d love to offer a wider selection of apparel fabrics! I’d also love to see Indiesew be more of an interactive community where sewists can meet other people in their area, chat in a forum, etc. We’re working on that!

Aside from your latest release, are there any exciting new patterns, collections, or fabric that just arrived or are coming soon to the site? Any hints you can give us?

We have a fun exciting custom fabric collaboration coming up in mid-October! A few new fabric batches will be arriving in the shop in the next few weeks, and we’re working on some new patterns!

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Allie! I can’t wait to see what other fabrics (and patterns!) you have in store for us!
Want to learn more about Allie and Indiesew? Check out her previous sponsor interviews here. One lucky winner from the One Pattern, Two Ways challenge will go home with a $25 USD gift card to spend at Indiesew!

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  1. I enjoy your site and the patterns you offer. I was a little disappointed to hear you say your primary market is young women. As a mom to a young woman (27) who sews, I’m the one introducing her to indie patterns. I feel it’s a disservice to promote the differences in younger and older women as sewists. We all want great-fitting clothes in quality fabrics that we can feel beautiful in and proud to wear. That’s ageless.

    The more we expand our view to see similarities rather than differences, the larger our community becomes.


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