One Little Girl’s Pattern Sewn Two Ways

If you’ve been following my blog (,  you’ll know that I sew lots of cute dresses for the little girls in my life. I find the best patterns at Violette Field Threads, an independent pattern company started by two moms. I’ve been turning to this company again and again for more than three years now to help me create beautiful dresses for my granddaughters, and sometimes for my grandnieces. Since I have two granddaughters in different sizes, I’m often able to make any given dress at least twice.

For my oldest granddaughter, who loves to play outdoors (the yard, the playground, the park), I made the sparkly top shown below using the Reese pattern. It features a fitted bodice so it won’t fly up, but it also has a peplum and lots of twirl factor — you know, just in case she feels like doing that too. I also made some plaid flannel bubble shorts so she can play and run around comfortably and still look stylish. The shorts were crafted using the Fawn pattern. And when it gets too cold for shorts alone, she can always wear tights or leggings underneath. I think this is an adorable outfit, and everything works well together. I hope it makes my granddaughter happy!

Reese Top Fawn shorts

Though I enjoyed making the outfit above, I still prefer sewing dresses! Thankfully, the Reese pattern includes that option as well, so I was easily able to switch gears. Using some fabric I purchased about seven years ago, I made the dress shown below. Isn’t it a pretty dot design? It came from the Lisette collection at Jo-Ann Fabric. I must’ve been holding onto it all this time for something special. Well, that something special obviously came up! And as it turns out, the dot design was perfect for what I wanted to try.

Reese Dress Green & Purple Back

What I was hoping to do was match the purple dots in the center of the bodice, both front and back. The front was easy, as it was placed on the fold of a pattern piece. The back, on the other hand, was a bit difficult because I had to install a zipper. Also, I wanted the circle skirt to have maximum purple dots all the way around. It sounds a lot trickier than it turned out to be, but I did end up having to use all 2 yards of the fabric that I had. Lastly, I lined the flutter sleeves and made sure to arrange the purple dots toward the front. I even made a small bow to match.

Reese Dress Green & Purple Front

Tag & Bow
This is the first hem sewn on my new coverstitch machine. Looks like I need a little practice!

It’s my hope that my oldest granddaughter likes this Reese dress as much as the Reese top, as both were made to allow freedom of movement. So there you have it: Two different garments from a single pattern!

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