All weather wear Jennifer Lauren Gable Top

Although it’s more than a month Autumn in the Northern hemisphere we still have days with sunshine and high temperatures but also dark days with clouds and rain. My just made two all weather wear Gable Tops are reflecting exactly both weather conditions.

For one Gable Top in this ‘One Pattern, Two Ways’ challenge I go back to another TMS challenge: The April 2018 Miss Bossy challenge. Fabric number two and three were still in my stash and I wanted to use one of them for this challenge.
I decided to use the olive green sweater fabric and started looking for my second fabric. In my stash I found a long piece of dark grey T-shirt fabric just big enough to make a long sleeved T-shirts.
I’ve used the Gable Top pattern already twice: once as the pattern is and the second time for a refashion. I wanted to challenge myself again and try to go for a bit of playing around with the pattern.

First JLH Gable Top version

I started with making the long sleeved version first. This one is made again as the pattern is. The playing part comes from me wanting to use only my overlocker. RTW T-shirt often have for some reason a center back seam.

I used this idea to give some interest to this version and added it also on the center front as well. A flatlock seam also runs in the middle of the sleeves, the facings of the neckline and the hems. It gives this dark grey Top an interesting feature and a kind of sportive look (for those who interested: the flatlock seam is done with grey and black yarn).

This Top looks great on my black jeans but also on this cloudy jeans combined with my Chanel style jacket (I made this jacket in my first TMS contribution).

Second JFL Gable Top version

My second make has a V-neckline. I don’t wear V-necklines often.

Perfect moment to make one and see if the Gable Top could be turned into one. It wasn’t that hard to do. I drafted the shoulder a little longer towards the neckline and then drafted the V-neckline.

For some more interested this version also has a V-neckline at the back. To connect both versions this second Top also has a center front seam as well a back center seam done with a flatlock seam.

I used the wrong side of the fabric for right half of the Top and sleeve.

Both JLH Gable Top versions

Looking at both Tops I’m very pleased with the result of the two versions. The one with the long sleeve is perfect to wear in my jeans and the short sleeved is a perfect cropped version.

Now this Gable Top pattern really is a great pattern. Besides the very good fit for me it’s going to be a pattern that I seems to be using. Using different fabrics is a first step to create another look. Secondly I still can see a few more options to alter this pattern to create some more other looking versions.

Number two

Reading this post over  I just realised that the number two is present in many ways. The olive green fabric was the second fabric option in the Miss Bossy April 2018 challenge. I used the Gable Top pattern twice before. Both new versions have a center front and center back seam. The olive green fabric is used in two ways. The V-neckline is used on front and back. And I’ve already showed two other contributions in this Indie Pattern Month 2018 challenge.


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  2. These are great! I really love the flatlocked seams. Were they hard to do? My overlocker didn’t come with much in the way of instructions – did you use just one needle thread. Did you disengage the knife for the seams?

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    • Thank you so much. Flatlock seaming isn’t so hard to do. I only used the left needle and disengage the knife. My overlocker didn’t came with much instructions too. I bought a while ago The Serger’s a book from Julia Hincks. This book shows so much more what one can do with an overlocker. I really can recommend this book if you can find a copy.


        • Thank you so much for you kind comment. The book is indeed a great way to discover more ways to use the overlocker. I’ve learned so much from this book. Buying this book is one of the investments I did when it comes to find out more for learning more sewing skills.


    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I was amazed to see the transformation after the flatlock stitching. It really has done miracles with the plane grey version and for the olive green version it marks perfectly the right and ‘wrong’ side of fabric.


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