Flowers and Forest Rubys

Hello Monthly Stitchers! I am very excited to be able to participate in the final week of Indie Pattern Month- thankyouAmnestyDaySeptember30th;) For this week’s challenge, I made a second Made By Rae Ruby using parts of the same up-cycled party dress from the back of my closet to make the Ruby Top version.


Any chance to get a chihuahua pic in, I take it

I knew I wanted to use the embroidered flowers on the dress for something and I wish I could take credit for coming up with this combination, but when I pulled the dress out of my closet, I put it on top of a rather large pile of stash fabric and the top fabric was this Robert Kaufman flower print and it was like– ahhhhh–clouds parted and a chorus of angels sang. Clearly, I really liked this combo.

Flowers #1

Happy Flowers!

So, like many many things in my life, I have (what I think) is this great idea, and then I go to dO it and realize, “oh. crap. I have no idea what I’m doing.” –I wanted to have a large flower on the top shoulder, and the rest of the yoke plain white, but, hello, these things are embroidered in the fabric Stephanie, so I don’t get to decide to have just one and the others magically disappear, unless I want a seam down the center of my front yoke–and noo, I did not want that. So I had to figure out how to get one of the flowers to fit on the shoulder, without the other flowers showing up in a weird place I didn’t want. Eventually, I turned the fabric upside down, got a flower to fit on a shoulder, and made peace with some flower vines happening on the other side. And now, to be honest, I actually do like having some yellow vines on my shoulder. Makes me feel like I’m a pixie fairy or something.

Upcycled dress flowers

Pattern maneuvering for flower power.

So, I have my Forest Creatures Ruby and now my Flower Patch Ruby!

Flowers and Forest Ruby

Feeling like a pixie princess…

I liked the fit of my last Ruby dress, so I stuck with the same size, and added the extra 1/4″ to the front and back (bottom) pieces. I made my own bias tape again, but that’s the only thing I’m not super thrilled about, in the pics it’s a little wonky on the left. I don’t really notice it when I’m wearing it, but I see it in the photos and want to yank it straight. Or throw the whole thing in the trash and say, “DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO BIAS TAPE”–but that might be some over-perfectionism happening on my part:) My bf did assure me that the embroidered flowers pull your focus- so I’ve decided to believe him instead of melting into a puddle of bias-tape-failure-despair.


I do see it, but I’m focusing on the the large yellow flower…

Side View

Aand, side view…

Back #2

Back view

All in all, I really do love this top–I feel like it’s got a little retro feel to it and luckily, even though we’re heading into November–that really means it’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit here in Southern California–and I should definitely get a few more weeks of wear out of this. And then, when it does get cooler, I can add a cardigan, it will kind of cover the neck and then haha bias tape!!–I’ll have bested you!! Win-Win:)

Flowers and Forest #4

Modeling is hard. I have one look only for tops.

Flowers and Forest #5

I’m also really liking my Photo-collage app

Thank you so much Monthly Stitch for such an inspiring and creative month. Such beautiful makes by everyone!!

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