11th hour gear

It has been such a blast and a great motivator to take part in the indie patterns month challenge. I have loved it and it has helped my productivity so much! So for this final challenge I have not 2 but 3 outfits from the same pattern. Each of my 3 children have now a new pyjama (top and bottom) that they love wearing,  perfect win! The 11th hour gear pattern by New Horizon Designs is so versatile with the endless combination it offers!


I made my son’s new pyjama in the second week of the challenge with the straight leg pants and the long sleeves t-shirt



Then I made a mash up for my youngest daughter, using a pair of pants I made a year ago but that was to wide. So I cut it up to the 11th hour gear pants, and added cuffs.


With the long sleeved t-shirt


And she loves it too!


And finally I also made a pair for my middle daughter who loves her spacemen pyjamas!


For the last one I made the joggers pants

20181026_111249And long sleeved t-shirt again,


All 3 are happy with their new pyjamas and have been wearing them since!


And the back view to finish!



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