Rounded collar shirt vs pointy collar shirtdress

I’ve been meaning to make the top version of the Jolene pattern (by Ready to Sew) since I got the pattern. It looks great in all its variations! With this pattern you can have 2 lengths of dress and a peplum top, which can be combined with little kimono sleeves or set in 3/4 length sleeves. And you have 2 different shapes for the collar on top! So this was a perfect option for the 1 pattern 2 ways challenges, as both items look so different!


For my dress I made the knee-length dress with kimono sleeves and the lovely pointy collar. There is a bit more detail about the dress here! It’s interesting to note that with the striped shirting the ruffles and the seaming details really stand out, whilst in the floral they blend a little more and some of the detail is lost (although it still makes for a very nicely shaped shirt). The print also means the details are quite hard to see…


I thought this lovely purple floral liberty lawn fabric would be perfect for a shirt! I only had 1.5 metres (and liberty is about 135cm wide), so it took a little fabric tetris but I managed to get all the pieces on in the end.


I did have to do my usual lengthening of the sleeve (I have long arms :)) – normally I add 10cm to a sleeve but with this being about elbow length I thought 5cm would be about right. I love the little tab detail too. I also made a broad back adjustment, which is a standard adjustment for me.


It’s a bit of a style departure for me – I don’t own anything that has a peplum so I dithered a bit about the length to hem it at. In the end I left it at the pattern length and I think it works with a pair of skinny jeans though!


I also made some adjustments to lower the waist at the front, in a kind of reverse swayback adjustment. Normally I take some lenght out of the back waist as I usually have a bit of extra fabric there, but in this case the waist seam felt quite high at the front and so I added 2.5cm at the centre front which I tapered to nothing at the centre back. I think it worked as the waist seam now feels level!


I thought the floral fabric suited a softer collar look, so I tried out the rounded version for the shirt. I think it really works for this! Although I think that for other fabrics (and I am thinking of a chambray shirt already….) that I may stick with the pointed collar, because I love the extra button detail so much!


I love how Indie Pattern month has not only inspired me to get some more things made, but also to try some new styles! Hope everyone else has had fun taking part too 🙂


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    • Thank you!! And yeah – sometimes the options on a pattern and just some slight style choices but on the Jolene it feels like 2 totally different garments 😀


    • Thank you!! I realised on the train this morning that the most important photos didn’t link properly 😲 Not sure what I did wrong but I will fix it when I get home this evening! Would love to see your dress too – this is such a great pattern isn’t it! I like it as a top – probably because it’s slightly pushing me outside of my comfort zone 😅


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