Sponsor Spotlight | True Bias Patterns & the Emerson Pants

We are delighted to have True Bias Patterns back again as a sponsor for Indie Pattern Month! True Bias has made a name in the indie pattern world as a great shop for chic, wearable basics. It’s difficult to find a home sewist who has ventured into the world of independent patterns who hasn’t sewn a pattern from True Bias. The Ogden cami, the Hudson lounge pants, & the Lander pants have all taken the sewing world by storm in the last few years. Kelli Ward recently re-released the Emerson pants pattern. Ciara caught up with her to learn more.


First, can you tell us a bit about your style and range of patterns, for people who may not have seen your brand before?

I like my patterns to be wearable, but still fashionable. I design modern, simple shapes with a nod to boho. I like to think that my designs push you a bit out of your comfort zone stylewise, but are still easy to pull off in day to day life.
We’d love to hear more about the Emerson Pants & Shorts pattern. Tell us more!

The Emerson pants and shorts are a great beginner pant pattern. It has front pleats and a flattering flat front waistband, with the ease of an elastic back waistband. It has a wide leg that is either crop length or a short. And of course it has front pockets – I love pockets.

What inspired you to create the Emerson? What inspired the re-release?

My inspiration always comes from something that I want in my wardrobe, but doesn’t exist, and the Emerson is no different. I am big on the coulotte trend, so that was the base of the pattern design. I didn’t want a lot of bulk around the waist, so that is where I decided to add the front pleats so that the style could still have volume, but remain flattering across the waist.

Where does the name come from?

All of my pattern names come from places that mean something to me. Sometimes it is a place we travel to or a neighborhood that we frequent. The Emersons are actually named after the street we first lived on when we moved to Denver. The Emerson was my first Denver pattern after leaving NYC so it seemed like a perfect fit.

It’s such a lovely style, and has some great details, such as pleats, & the flat-front waistband. How hard is it to make?

It’s such a great first pant pattern. There are no zippers or buttons which makes for a quick and easy sew. I like to say, if you can make the Ogden cami, you can make the Emerson. In fact, it’s a perfect beginner sewing outfit as they were designed together. I love making the Emerson and Ogden in the same fabric for a faux jumpsuit look.

There are some gorgeous versions floating around on the internet. Can you share some of your favorites?

There are so many that it is hard to choose, but here is a few of my favorites :
How about your own wardrobe — how many pairs of Emerson pants & shorts do you have?

This is always embarrassing to admit, but a lot! I would guess at least 5 pairs of pants and 5 shorts. And that doesn’t even count the amount I have sewn for photoshoots and models.

Which is/are your favorite to wear?

My most worn pair right now is some black tencel twill high waist crop pants. They are so easy to throw on and wear. In the summer I tuck in a tank top and go with sandals, and in the winter I like to pair them with booties and a nikko top. It’s an easy pant to dress up or down.
We’d love to see how you style your own Emerson pants & shorts! Can you share some photos of how you wear them?


The Emerson pattern looks like a great choice for the home sewist who is dipping a toe into pants-making & wants something simple, stylish, & comfortable. & bonus: several of the most popular True Bias patterns are available in children’s sizes as well! One lucky winner of the One Pattern, Two Ways challenge will be winning a $25 gift certificate to the True Bias pattern shop! Good luck, everyone!