Announcing the December Challenge

We have decided to close out 2018 with a challenge that a lot of you were probably thinking about taking on anyway: with the gift-giving holiday season upon us, what better time for an Un-selfish Sewing challnge?


People who marke garments for other people without getting paid for it are an absolute enigma to me, personally. I have waaaaay too many idea for things I want to make for myself to make time for unpaid un-selfish sewing! So maybe this is just the challenge I need to motivate me to make those matching father/daughter plaid wool shirts I promised my partner & our daughter?

Maybe you require a similar push to get those gift ideas out of your sewing room & in the hands of your grateful recipients. Or maybe sewing for friends & family is second nature to you! Either way, your challenge this month is to sew something (preferably a garment, but we’re not picky) for someone other than yourself & share it with the Monthly Stitch community here on the blog.


As if basking in the satisfying glow of being generous with your sewing wasn’t reward enough, December’s challenge is being sponsored by Seen & Sewn Patterns! All eligible entries posted on the blog by 11:59pm on December 31 will be entered into a drawing & one lucky winner will win two free Seen & Sewn Patterns! They are also offering a special discount code to our community: enter the code “Monthlystitch18” at check-out for 25% off throughout the month of December! Do you need some un-selfish sewing inspiration? I got you covered!

These are just a few ideas of MANY! Get creative & think about how you can use your sewing skills for the benefit of others this month!

Also, a big congratulations to contributer Celine, who won November’s sponsored prize, a free account from MyBodyModel, for her post “A slow make”. Yay! Just a reminder that prize winners are selected at random by an online random number generator, & all eligible entries for a given month are entered. All you have to do is sew to the theme & post about it here at the Monthly Stitch before the month is over!

8 thoughts on “Announcing the December Challenge

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  3. I have made several things for others this month. I made my brother a fishing themed lap quilt. I’ve dabbled a little but this is the first quilt I am proud of, even did edge to edge quilt with my regular machine. I made my son’s girlfriend a flannel infinity scarf with hidden pocket. I found some great flannel at a local quilt shop but surprisingly, “yellow” her favorite color is actually hard to find unless it is for a baby. I found a pleasant mustard and cream plaid in think she will like. Last, I am making 4 reading pillows for the kids at my grandaughter’s daycare. There is one 2 yo and the other 3 are under 2. Having fun with the projects. I think everyone will like what I have made for them. Merry Christmas!


  4. There are a few selfless projects on my December list. At the top is the only thing my mom put on her Christmas list – a Blackwood Cardigan. I have a piece of fabric that I was guarding jealously for me, but I’m going to use it for her because, well, it’s Christmas and she would have done the same for me when she was sewing. There will likely be a sewing-at-midnight pair of PJ bottoms for DH. Then I have great plans to make at least 15 grab & go gifts for people in my sewing group and coworkers.

    Part of me is hesitant to take on complicated selfless projects because sometimes they aren’t well received. I’ve learned that little novelty items are most appreciated, and they’re also fun to sew.

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  5. This year it has been a goal of mine to sew for MORE of my huge family. It’s easy to sew for the children, because they will wear anything and look cute in it and really, they don’t care! But it IS a challenge to sew for the adult family member in your life. Because they do care how things look, feel and it matters what color something is. So it is the greatest gift if you can figure ALL THAT OUT before you actually give the gift! Chances are you will need to do your homework on this one. And unless someone can give you accurate measurements or a RTW size, you will have to get those numbers yourself. Oh, and unless you are super confident with your fitting skills, please make a muslin. I had to make 3 for a dear friend to get her shape just right before I cut into 100% linen. But she was so thankful in the end.

    Sewing for others is a true exercise in humility. It is not about you. Yes, your skills matter, but it’s what you use them for. Are you looking for something in return? Are you trying to just make yourself feel better? Or is it an act of true kindness. A gift with NO strings attached. Those are questions I ask myself everything I do this! It is hard to be unselfish. It is hard to love like we want to be loved. But it is the best way of life! ❤

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