Happy Slowvember!

Thanks to all the chaos in my life from moving to a new house and setting it up, pretty much everything in my life is slooooooooow right now. I haven’t been able to properly set up my sewing machines because I’m not using my new sewing room until we have the flooring replaced in there. (And we also want to paint but can’t find the perfect shade yet…)


Despite not being settled, we hosted our Thanksgiving dinner for my family at our new house last week. (On a related note: am I crazy???) I felt the new house called for new placemats and napkins, but why stop there? I also made napkin rings to complete the look.


The reversible placemats needed to be straight and the corners precise so they would be nice and sharp when turned out. And the topstitching also needed to be straight, although I did “cheat” and use an edging foot to make it easier!


The napkins have mitered corners which took A LOT (too much!) of ironing and the stitching needed to be straight.


I figured these napkin rings would be fairly quick but they actually took the most time thanks to the free-hand embroidery.

All in all the set of 8 was pretty sloooooooow going and took most of the month. My sister actually had to help me attach the leaves to the rings as dinner was being finished up. I’m hoping things speed up once I’m able to set up my sewing room!

You can read more about my Thanksgiving sewing here on my blog.

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