Christmas pyjamas for the kids

A first in our little family at a busy time of year,  I made Christmas pyjamas for the kids so of course I had to make 3 pairs! I used once again the fab 11th gear hour pattern by New Horizon design (same pattern for all 3 of the joggers and long sleeves T).

I had eyed a lovely Christmas cotton jersey fabric at my local shop and last time I popped in for just one little thing, I came out with 5 meters of fabric and 1 meter of black ribbing!

I had cut my son’s pyjama a few weeks back and he was very impressed when I managed to sew up the joggers in about one hour or so while he was watching TV one Saturday night. I did all the sewing but the ribbing on my overlocker. For some reasons, my overlocker hates the ribbing! He tried it on straight away and immediately kept it!


A little business trip prevented me to work on the other pieces for a few days but once all the pieces were cut it all came together quite quickly. I first finished the 3 pair of joggers


And then the 3 long sleeves T-shirts…


And finally just before last weekend they were all sleeping in their new Christmas pyjamas!

I have under 1 meter of fabric left and very little ribbing. And my kids love their new pyjamas. Now because they’re all 1 size apart I thought they’d need a way to differentiate them. One of my child doesn’t like labels against her skin because they’re usually a little stiff. So I used some lovely bits of the selvage which is soft jersey as well to make labels!


Such a happy finish in many ways! Happy that the kids love their handmade soft and snuggly PJ. Happy that the fabric didn’t make it to my stash! And happy to support my local shop! I just wish I had more fabric/time to also made pj for hubby and I!

Happy Christmas!