Making the family happy

It’s almost Christmas and this month is filled with unselfish sewings.
I started making all kinds of stockings and other packages for small gifts but also two decoration pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Father Christmas is made of a pattern that (sadly) isn’t available anymore using discarded clothes, small pieces of leftover fabrics and a zipper from also a discarded piece of clothing.
Then I did a pattern test for a small Christmas stocking. My version has a faux fur cuff. And if you’re interested to make this cute small Christmas stocking: the pattern is free.

A gnome was on ‘things I want to make’-list. I made this version of discarded socks. It’s a bit of experimental sewing. I’ve already an idea for next year. I make another version using again leftover fabrics, discarded clothes and socks to draft a pattern.
This EiWeih Nikolaus is made of another free pattern and also suitable for hanging near the fire place with a some small gift inside.

Christmas isn’t complete if there isn’t a wreath. Hanging on the front door for welcoming or hanging in the living room near the Christmas tree.

Finally I sew all my scraps together and made a cute small Christmas stocking zipper pouch. Ideal for a gift card.

My mother is spending Christmas with us. I sometimes make some clothes for her and a while ago she asked me if I could make a cardigan for her. This Cardigan jOne from Pruella has some great looking stylish features like the collar pleat and the deep pockets that are sewn in the slanted cut seams.

It’s a comfortable shaped cardigan with a good fit and a dropped shoulder line. This version is made of a jeans coloured fabric with a with a low relief bubble texture that has some stretch. My mother is pleased with her new cardigan.

It’s has a good fit, enough stretch, good pockets and last but not least it keeps her warm while she’s staying with us and all the other cold Winter evenings

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