Christmas – the perfect occasions for selfless sewing

Heya Stitchers,

During the year my son expressed a desire to have a suit so my sister and I decided to collaborate and make him one. We found a pattern in a stack of burda magazines that I have.

It was actually my first time making a pattern from a burda magazine and it was hard work! I did the jacket and the pattern was 3.5 circles our of 4 for difficulty. Then there was the tracing and adding seam allowances (a particular pet hate for me – why oh why didn’t they just add the seam allowance??).


I realised making the pattern that I really rely on the visuals alongside the written instructions. For the welt flap pockets I used the amazing tutorial from itch to stitch. Even though I made a mistake on them I would have never achieved anything without it.

The jacket is still a bit big but I wanted to go with the surprise factor. Seeing it on I’m going to add some darts to the back just to give it a bit more shape.

I also whipped up a quick zippered bag for my other son to use for his climbing gear. I didn’t use a pattern for it but I did make it entirely from stash. And I did a freezer paper stencil of a wolf onto a shop-bought hoodie (so not technically sewing for someone else!). We also did our boys’ rooms up for them as a big Christmas present with the grand reveal on Christmas day – these included a swing in one room and a rock climbing wall in the other. Needless to say – I did not make curtains!!

The jacket took a lot of time and head scratching but I’m pleased with the final results. I also made a whole lot of reusable bags as an alternative to gift wrap using metres of random Thomas the Tank Engine satin I was given. As much as I can I’m working to reduce the waste coming out of my sewing room and these bags fit the bill and basically produce zero fabric waste so it’s a double win.

If I get some work done on my summer school there are plenty of projects I want to work on for myself but with a solid three years of work and study ahead of me I’m wondering how much I will fit in??


I hope your Christmas sews stayed strong at the waist seams and your days were joyful.

Merry Christmas and a successful sewing year for us all in 2019!

Miriam x

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