Slowevember: So slow that it took me half of December too…..

I may have taken the “Slow” theme a bit far in he last month with this top. I started making it during November, but only finished just in time for the work Christmas party where it had its debut.

I used some precious silk fabric that I had been too scared to use previously in my stash. It is a beautiful silk from Britex fabrics in San Francisco that I bought years ago.

For the pattern, I chose Lekala #4420. This pattern is a relatively simple design which I hoped would showcase my beautiful silk fabric.

I made a few small changes to the pattern:

  • The sleeves were narrowed by about 12 cms
  • The centre front seam was dispensed with and the front cut as one piece
  • The bias binding applied to the neckline was finished as a tie at the front (instead of using a decorative clasp, which I was sure would be difficult to find)
  • Two upper back panels were cut, just like on a mens’ shirt
  • A little extra (2cm) was added to the centre back, although Lekala patterns are custom-made from your own measurements, the patterns are derived from your circumference and I have to add little at the centre back and take the equivalent amount away at the centre front to get the fit right.
  • Pleats were used instead of gathers to accommodate the width of the sleeve in the cuff

I used French seams throughout and the blouse looks beautiful both inside and out and used silk thread, which was a joy to work with. There’s a bit more information in the post on my blog here.

I wore my top to the Christmas party and it was perfect for the evening. Of course, it didn’t compete with some of the glitzy, glittery numbers that were worn that evening, but I think it fulfilled understated elegance. The long sleeves were certainly appreciated by me.

Sadly, at the Christmas party, something got spilled down the front of my top and on the right sleeve. I only noticed this a couple of days after the party. There isn’t much daylight here at the moment so I didn’t notice the problem sooner. I used washing-up liquid and managed to get them out, but I was really worried that I had completely ruined my new top. You can see the stains clearly in the photo below:

Disaster struck at the Christmas Party

I think I managed to remove those greasy stains

A back view – Lekala 4220 blouse

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