Slowvember… until December

One of the 2 projects I had picked for Slowvember was the Clare coat or the Kelly anorak by Closet Case patterns. I thought it would be best to take it slowly for such a difficult and involved piece. I took a lot of time cutting the pieces,  fabric and lining. Next step was to fuse the interfacing to the coat fully. I had partially fused interfacing to the entire piece of fabric before cutting the pieces.


I then slowly started to assemble the pieces together, basting the darts before sewing them,  and generally taking my time to sew and to press well!


I assembled the lining first because I thought that would be easier to manage.  Finally by the end of November, I had the outside of the coat and the lining. It was time to add the collar and to make it all into one single piece.


I must admit I was dreading that part and I wasn’t sure I understood the explanations very well. I had to read quite a few times but that’s probably due to my lack of experience in coat making! In the end it worked well!


Anyway the assembly of the coat to the lining came together a lot easier than I thought. My sewing machine struggled a little with top stitching all the way around the coat because of the number of layers in some places, particularly around the seams.20181231_152545

After I attached the lining and coat and I finished the hem, the final step was to hand sew the fasteners and for some unknown reasons, it took me a few weeks to finally do it…. but since this weekend,  this is all done and even the label has been sewn on!


So my last finish for 2018, a brand new coat that I’m really proud to have managed to make… all by myself!