Slowvembercember Burnside Bibs

All I can say is thank goodness for Amnesty Day:) Happy New Year everyone! Soo, I thought Sew House Seven’s Burnside Bibs would be the perfect Slow-vember project and I was TOTALLY right as it took me all the way through December! I do like this pattern and had read such favorable reviews and I completely agree with what most of the interweb says–very thorough instructions, sews up pretty quickly (unless you only sew it 10 minutes a week over the course of a month, then have to cram it all in on a Saturday before the end of the year…who does that??!) and is super fun to wear. I did find the belt loops to be incredibly easy and super tedious at the same time- which was great to learn since I had been on the fence about making myself some jeans, but after burning out and swearing I never wanted to make another belt loop after just making six for this–I think I’m pretty clear where on stand on the jeans front…

Full Vivid

But I do love these–I went with the cropped cut, which I was not sure I’d like, but I do–I was trying to change it up. Change is good for the brain.

Back 2

I call this “Bucket Back and Belt Loops”


I was in Michigan this past summer and there is a discount fabric store in Clawson aptly called Discount Fabric Outlet and it’s great- they have TONS of fabrics and everything is $3.99 a yard–but there is no info about the content of the fabric–which is why it’s $3.99:) So, I bought this beautiful blue linen-like fabric that I thought mUst be some sort of linen blend, so total score–then when I got it home and ironed it, I found out that I think it’s plastic. Like literally made of plastic. It melts. I have no idea what I am wearing- but it does wrinkle and move like linen, so I’m still saying score for me. I just can’t iron it without being reeeeealllly careful.

Side 1

Side view with wrinkles–ahh the wrinkles…

I sewed a straight size 10 with no adjustments.

Thanks Monthly Stitch!

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