A Top For Warmer Weather

Up here in the north, Sweden to be exact, it is currently dark (when I dropped of my kid at school right before 8 am the other, at least it was not completely dark anymore), cold, snow (which we woke up to today and is causing lots of traffic troubles, I took the photos over the weekend when we had no snow) and windy (it’s always windy here, it’s totally flat). The right time for sewing a breezy top, which I feel will be just perfect for warm days, right?


I am part of a wardrobe planning sewing group on Facebook. We’ve divided the year in four and sew a capsule for each season, so at the moment, with cold dark weather outside, we are sewing our spring wardrobe. This top is my first completed piece.


I have a thing for woven tops in warm weather. They are so much more comfortable than knits, knits usually cling to you, woven tops and nice and breezy. At least to me. For this one, I decided to try a new to me silhouette. I just to be all about darts and fitted garments, but maybe I can make this more loose style work for me as well, I don’t really know since winter prevents me from wearing it (I might try layering it, but it feels like it would be too bulky).


The pattern comes from Fashion Style/KnipMode 07/2017 (same magazine, different languages. I used the German version, however, I was able to assemble this top without using the instructions). The most difficult part was tracing the patterns, they only used two colours for the lines and had laid out the patterns so there was a point in the middle where all lines met. Burda is easy compared to this!


I don’t know what they were thinking with this layout. Trying to find the right red line here was really hard (also take in mind the aforementioned darkness of January)

The fabric is somewhat of a mystery. I bought it from a local craft group, so it was really cheap, less than €3 for my 1.5 metre piece! I thought it was a cotton, but working with it, it didn’t feel like a pure cotton. Maybe there’s something else blended in there as well. I like the fabric and the colour and that’s enough. Green is something missing from my wardrobe, so it’ll be a nice addition.


It does look better tucked into something with a higher waist than these chinos.

I see this top going “everywhere”, from city promenades and work, to nature walks. It goes with shorts, skirts, I can wear it tucked or loose, with or without the belt.I found a piece of cupro, so I might make a dressier version of this pattern, we’ll see.


Bring on warm weather!




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  1. Lovely blouse! Am surprised your goosebumps didn’t have goosebumps. Brrr! Agree with you that knits are not comfortable in hot summer weather. My favourite fabric for summer is rayon (viscose).


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