A Dream of Spring

Winter is here and I don’t like it. I don’t even live in an area that gets very cold but I’m still not a fan. When will it be warm and sunny????????

Is it cheating if it was almost appropriate weather on the day I wore this Macy Cowl Neck Top? We normally have icky gross weather in the mid 30s-40sF (0-8C for the rest of the world) throughout January, but one day it was sunny and almost 70F (20C) and I was so excited. We took our daughter to the neighborhood playground celebrate the warmth and lack of sogginess.

This past weekend my husband and I went to our local Symphony to hear some Beethoven and feel like actual grownups now that I’m “in my 30s” (and supposed to be an adult???). We had a lot of fun and I felt so pretty in this floral peachskin Kristen Dress. It almost made up for the icky sleet that was coming down when we left the concert hall.

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