Staying warm beyond the heat wave

Hello! Southern hemisphere dweller here…

with a cardigan to keep me warm…

in a heat wave.


Anyway, the day will come when I need this cardi to keep the evening chill off.

I couldn’t help myself from keeping it decidedly tropical, in colour choices and the hand embroidered motive on the back.

For full disclosure, this was my entry for the first round of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee, where we had to produce a cardigan inspired by the Pantone colour of the year: Living Coral.

My plan is to share my projects a little more this year (Let’s see how long this lasts…), and since a cardigan fitted the TMS January challenge quite well in my case, I thought, I’ll show it on this platform as well.

My major Re-sew-lution for 2019 is to sew from my stash, and acquire no additional fabric, unless absolutely required to finish a project. So I couldn’t just go and purchase some coral coloured knit fabric, I had to work with what I already own.

I remembered this blue knit which reminded me of tropical waters, where corals may live. And to honour the theme more literally, I decided to add the embroidered abstract coral motive to the back. It’s just lucky, that I could sit in front of the TV and stitch away at this motive for many nights, it took hours….

cea6b080839733b5e67a1f74932a55ecNow, I’m not clever enough to have come up with the actual design of the coral. I found it online. The motive with all it’s swirly lines and spots is actually meant to be a colouring  page. I have stitched along the lines in this case.

The jersey is relatively lightweight, so admittedly, I probably won’t have to wait until mid-winter to wear it, but it is absolutely surplus to requirement right now. The temperatures didn’t drop below 31C (88F) last night!!!

The pattern is New look 6735, which is a set of separates. I have only made the cardigan so far, but more is likely to come from this pattern.

820030b4bf25f2015fe29b480b7e5a4c The a cardigan comes together quickly and easily. I used the finished garment measurements to make a decision on size. As a result, I chose a size smaller than the measurements in the size table suggests. There is still plenty of ease to wear something underneath. Well, I do always need to allow more room for my buttocks. The back piece is cut on the fold, and I simply lined up the neckline with the fold and moved the hem a couple of centimetres in to create more width at the bottom of the garment.

At first I was a little worried about the dead straight neck band/button placket, but it is eased in in a way, that it does assist with the shaping of the garment.

There are no instructions and/or prompts to finish the edges of your seam allowances. And I know, it’s not absolutely crucial to finish the edges of jersey fabrics, since they are not prone to fraying, but to me it looks a little unfinished on the inside. I’ll change that next time.

I love summer and if it was for me, I would love to live somewhere, where this cardigan was about the warmest garment I need. that is not quite the case, so while I’m not really looking forward to cold weather, I am somewhat looking forward to the nights cooling off, so I have a reason to throw my latest make on.

Cheers, till next time!