Paisley cotton velveteen jacket for the ‘tween days

Every since I made my grey wool houndstooth jacket I’ve been on the lookout for fabric to make another simple, boxy jacket, this time for the in-between seasons.


In Spotlight late last year, I spied several bolts of cotton velveteen with varies designs for $15 per metre. As it’s quite narrow (about 110cm wide), I bought 2 metres of a paisley design.

During the Xmas/New Year break, I pulled several jacket patterns from the stash, settling on Weigel’s 2546 from the 1960’s, because it was lined. Like the houndstooth jacket, I planned on a dome snap closures, so added 2.5cm (1 inch) as overlap to the centre fronts. I also drafted a small ribbed collar (letterman/varsity jacket style), and of course added pockets in the side seams. Lining and cotton rib were from the stash, large dome snaps from Pete’s Emporium.


Super simple, it took a little over a day to make, and I’m extremely happy with the result.

Will be snug when cooler weather rolls around, but I have to say I’m loving this heatwave!