Sew Inappropriate – Ogden Cami

Given the frigid temperatures that descended on London this last week, you’d think I would have taken the opportunity to make myself something that kept my kidneys warm eh? But no, I was sew inappropriate and made my first Ogden Cami from True Bias. I tried to convince myself that by wearing it with cardigans or blazers it would be just fine but lets face it: the feather-light cotton lawn gives me goosebumps just looking at it.

In fact it was so cold I didn’t dare venture outside to photograph it. But it is the perfect pattern to use of my scrap fabrics, and given how quick it is to sew, it makes a nice project for the dark, cold evenings after work. I re-purposed an old top to make this one but I haven’t quite got the fit right.

This is a straight size 10 and I’m bothered by the gaps/wrinkles above the bust at the armholes (which are very hard to capture in photos). Did you experience this? How did you fix it?

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  1. Hi, I had to add a bust dart to my Ogden cami pattern as the original pulled in the same way you experienced and just didn’t fit well (I’m a 30DD). It was really worth the effort as I’ve made several since and they fit much better with the added dart.


    • Oh that’s really good to know – (I’m 32 DD) – wwhere there any particular tutorials you used that were helpful in doing a FBA on a top with no darts?


  2. Hi there, I had the same issue and I performed an fba as Genevieve suggested. It is easily done and resulted in a French dart – I have been really happy with my Ogden’s after this adjustment – feel free to email me if if you want me to send you a photo of my pattern piece.

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  3. Lovely first Ogden! You might want to try a full bust adjustment aka FBA. The wrinkles are pointing at the fullest part of your bust, the possible culprit 😉. I’m not certain how you would tackle an FBA on a pattern without a visible bust dart tho 🤔.

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