Seasonally inappropriate trousers

I finished an actual pair of trousers! Unfortunately I won’t be wearing them out of the house any time soon as there is snow forecast today and these are a lovely light linen cotton blend fabric… But I’m ready for summer when it finally comes and if we get anything like the heatwave from last year these will be amazing to wear!


These are a Burda Style pattern for slacks style trousers (6856), with a pleat in the front and darts at the back. They’re very wide – as you can tell! I really like this, however to be honest this was not quite the right fabric for them. The linen cotton blend has a little too much body for it to drape nicely and I actually had to take them in quite a lot to get to this point where I think they hang OK whilst not looking like clown trousers (I hope!).


I cut the size based on my measurements, added my usual 10 cms in length and cut them out with a wider seam allowance in the sideseams in case adjustments were needed. Next time I’ll go a size down as I had to take in the darts at the back and the waistband quite a bit in order to get them to stay up! I then took them in further along the inseam in an effort to make them hang better. I think the latter was mostly due to the fabric, but I’ll definitely start with a size smaller next time.


The stripe works well with this pattern and I took full advantage and did the pocket section underneath on the cross-grain for a nice little contrast detail.


I also did belt loops for the first time! With a fabric that presses as nicely as this it’s a very satisfying detail and it’s making me excited to try out making my own jeans.

When I make these again I’m planning a nice wool flannel, but knowing me by that time it will be warm and they will remain seasonally inappropriate!


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