Faux fur coat

Make Nine Challenge: One down, eight to go

I decided to take part in the Make Nine challenge this year and put together my nine. Briefly they consist of three essential items that I really need to replace, three makes using vintage 1970s patterns and three items that are going to stretch me and three seventies makes.

Make Nine

Make Nine

At the moment I’m making my seventies makes for Sewing The Seventies and the fur jacket is the only one I’ve completed yet. I’m using this pattern:

McCalls 3016 fur jacket sewing pattern

The faux fur was an Etsy find made of viscose and cotton and it is beautifully soft. I’ve lined the jacket in grey viscose lining and added some in-seam additional pockets. I’ve even created a tutorial about that. I started out adding faux fur hook and eyes to the jacket edges, but quickly changed those to poppers which are a more secure way to hold the jacket together.


I also had enough fabric to include the detachable hood. There are, of course, more photos on my blog.

Here, with the detachable hood