Make Nine Challenge


i join in the make nine challenge each year and mostly achieve what i set out to make, which is crazy considering the volume of sewing i achieve in a year! i think i just get distracted with new patterns and trends and go off piste.

So for 2019, i have chosen:

  1. Sew over it Lola coat. This has been in my list for at least 2 years but i really want to do it this year with beautiful hong kong seams as a new sewing technique challenge. The wool fabric i have in my stash for this is taking up too much room and really needs to be used up.
  2. Megan Nielsen Jarrah sweatshirt. I have some aqua blue jersey from Guthrie and Ghani to make up with this pattern. i made one version for my daughter and confident this will be a well worn item.
  3. Megan Nielsen Ash jeans. i plan to make the slim fit version and have the denim and buttons ready, i just need to get over the anxiety of making fitted trousers!
  4. Threadtheory strathcona t shirt. Again, this has been on my list for more than one year and not made. I made my husband a threadtheory shirt which he really likes so confident the fit will be good, just to source some good quality jersey.
  5. Closet Case files Kalle Shirt. i have made 2 of these before and i really want to try the version with a full collar.
  6. Vintage New Look 6769. I picked this up at the local charity shop for 50p and have pale pink wool coating i bought off a friend ready to go. I might not have quite enough so considering using faux fur on the collar and bought some beautiful liberty cotton for the lining.
  7. Helen’s closet York Pinafore. i have already made two of these, see my January makes. i really want a denim version for the summer so will definitely come back to this one.
  8. Evie La Luve Darcy bra and frankie pants. Again, i managed to make these already and love them. They are so comfortable and fit really well.
  9. Finally, Papercut Guise pants. i have made these before in a wearable toile and wear them all the time. I have some lovely pale blue fabric from Lovely Jubbly fabrics ready to go.

So there you have it, 2 down 7 to go! Have you picked yours yet?