A white Tank Top

It has been exactly five years ago when I posted my first makes here on TMS. Four pieces in the Sewing Double Challenge. Two jackets and two Sorbetto’s. I had just made the decision that I wanted to make my own clothes.

This Tank Top is my fifty-fifth post for TMS. I really had to think over this challenge due to the fact I never ever made my own undergarments. I make boxershorts for my husband but never considered making a bra or slip for myself.

I was clearing out my wardrobes and one of my white singlets had seen better days but the lace detail was still looking great. This lace was carefully unpicked from the singlet. I also found a few pieces of leftover white jersey that was used make white T-shirts for my husband.

The idea was born: I decided to make a Tank Top. I like wearing them in the Spring them as a layer underneath blouses and tops.

One of my other Tank Top was used to draft a pattern. The back has an unique feature because I hadn’t enough fabric to make the back as one piece. The lace was the last step in the sewing process.

I’m more then happy with the result and happy wear it today under my Sorbetto blouse together with my Chanel jacket and Style Arc Cassie pants.

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