Vanessa Pouzet Wanted Tee

When I read that the theme for this week was New To Me, there were several indie patterns designers which came in to mind. I wanted to try the Appleton Dress by Cashmerette after receiving a very successful one as part of the Hand Made Dress Swap. However, the Wanted Tee by Vanessa Pouzet had been on my To Do List for […]

Named Inari Tee Dress – Around the World

Hi, I’m Siobhan from Australia, and for my entry into the Around the World challenge I chose to sew the Inari Tee Dress from the Finnish company, Named Clothing.   I’ve already made this garment a few times before – once as a stretch woven dress, and another as a woven tee. Both times I sized […]

Wanted Velo Combo

Wow! Double the Indie Pattern Month action for the week’s offering. I’m lucky on two counts. Firstly, I’m a teacher and SCHOOL IS OUT! Secondly, I got this 5XL polo shirt in a charity shop for £1.99! I had already purchased this amazing Geo Spring PeachSkin from Sewisfaction ready to make the Velo Culottes (see below) so I was […]

How I hacked the Plantain Tee

The Plantain by Deer and Doe is a brilliant pattern; I’ve made quite a few.  This time around I wanted to give it a different vibe with a split, square, high-low hem. Pattern: The Plantain is a free download.  I especially like how well it fits around the bust and then subtly flares out to […]

The 70s Baseball Tee: A Horror Story

I guess I better hurry up & write this post before it is March in every country of the world, instead of just most of them. But I will warn you: this is a sewing horror story, a terrifying tale of garment-making gone as wrong as it is possible to go. I’ll give you a […]

Sew Hot Right Now // Cotton and Steel

Hi, everyone!  I have a new dress to tell you all about today.  In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I just love it when I have new dresses to write about.  This month’s Monthly Stitch sewing theme is Sew Hot Right Now, and it was up to us sewists (is that what we are […]

Lindy Petal Skirt and Kirsten kimono Tee for IPM

I’m diving into the Indie Pattern Month contest for my first post here on The Monthly Stitch. This weeks contest is all about separates and hey, that’s what I do! This time though, I’m aiming to make them play nicely together. I’m putting together the Lindy Petal Skirt from Itch to Stitch in a size […]

The Inside Story: Cotton and Steel Dress

“Come March, we’re asking you to show us your guts, and make your inside as pretty as the outside!” The Monthly Stitch. And I’d love to do just that! I take a lot of pride in my neat and tidy insides.  I am a bit of a perfectionist so the insides of my garments are usually […]

Birthday Mix Tape

Happy Birthday to The Monthly Stitch! I’ve only been joining in for about a year. Well I’ve nearly been blogging for exactly a year so keep an eye out on my blog for an exciting competition next week.  Anyway the Arabella Skirt is my second make as part of being Rebecca Page Ambassador. It comes with a pattern for […]

Sponsor Spotlight | Meet Erica & MyBodyModel

We are really excited to introduce another new sponsor for Indie Pattern Month this year! MyBodyModel launched in June, following a wildly sucessfuly Kickstarter campaign. Erica Schmitz has designed a program that allows makers to input their own unique body measurements & generate a custom croquis to help plan their sewing! No more trying to […]

Warm and Kozy Kielo

I have been sO inspired and amazed by all the creations that have been submitted for this week’s challenge. So fabulous! Allrighty- so here is my entry for Around The World–the Named Kielo Wrap Dress …with the Free Sleeve!! um, I love things that are free- I might have added the sleeve simply because it was free…not really, I  […]

Boys Pyjama

Just before I decided to join the dress challenge for the Indie Pattern Month on The Monthly Stitch, I had cut a pair of pyjama for my son. I bought the 11th Gear pattern by New Horizons Design, another US based company and a new to me.  The pattern has got so many variations. I saved […]

Sponsor Spotlight | Blueprints for Sewing

We are thrilled to have Blueprints for Sewing returning as a sponsor again this year! Taylor’s architectural approach to pattern design is unique, & has resulted in a variety of patterns that have a chic, functional place in almost any handmade wardrobe. They are also fun to sew, with unusual seamlines & surprising details. Taylor […]

Sponsor Spotlight | Maternity Sewing

Today we welcome a new sponsor to Indie Pattern Month, Maternity Sewing. They’re also a relatively new company on the block. They are now a major source for maternity, nursing and postpartum patterns on the internet. If you’re on the lookout for these patterns, certainly have a look at their site. In the meantime, why […]