Started by Kat, Mel and Juliet in July 2013, The Monthly Stitch is an international ongoing sew-along, with a different challenge each month.

Why have monthly challenges?  To increase our sewing productivity and creativity!  With the added bonus of building an online, collaborative sewing community where we can all be inspired by and learn from others, and make new sewing buddies all around the world.  And have a heck of a lot of sewing fun too!

Sewing challenges encourage people to get a bit more creative with their sewing by giving them a different starting point.  Rather than looking at your stack of patterns and/or fabric and wondering what to make next, having a challenge will help you narrow down your sewing choices and save you from drowning in an avalanche of sewing stash.  (Or maybe it’s just me that’s at risk of death-by-fabric-avalanche?  Hmmm….)

Having a deadline to share your creations with an online community helps to encourage productivity – after all, there’s nothing like a bit of show-and-tell, right?  😉

We’d love to invite you all to sew along with us here at The Monthly Stitch.  You don’t need to take part in every challenge – just choose the ones that inspire you.  Want to join our group? You can find out all you need to know and sign up over here.



New sign ups: Please keep in mind that we process your sign ups manually, this means it can take up to 48 hours to receive your email with sign up link. You must click this link to activate your privileges.

One thought on “About/Contact

  1. So Ladies, I’m sticking with photobucket for the moment, never used it before so hopefully it comes through okay 🙂 Jere is my cape for the August challenge. It is the Peppermint cape, but with a couple of tweaks. I wanted it longer than the original, so added length and then I also added a self-drafted collar. I am a nurse and still own my student nurse cape, it was wonderful and very warm, but didn’t have a collar and that irked me, so I added one to this one.
    The lining is some apple-print poplin that I’ve had for years and I thought it would add a nice pop of colour to an otherwise sombre garment.
    Here is the link:
    let me know if it doesn’t work?


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