Anna – A Look of One’s Own

Anna – A Look of One’s Own

I’m an astrophysicist doing my PhD in France. I’m a total geek and get obsessed with my hobbies… and now I have a sewing machine. I used to sew in school (like 15-20 years ago…), but I never really liked it, since the end results weren’t always that succesful. But now I notice that my school years weren’t wasted. I know lot of the techniques and I’m not afraid to try new ones. And I even know why my school projects didn’t always work out: we never learned fitting. I like the idea of making clothes in a style that I like and that fit me. Also, I’m a swing dancer and this is one of the reasons why I got back to sewing, I want to make my dancing clothes. I’m so happy to be a part of the international sewing community. To meet people who are so different, yet we have this one really cool thing in common. Check out all of Anna’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: A Look of One’s Own

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